Amy Albanese

Adults with Autism

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Amy Albanese, Community Resource Specialist, earned her Autism Certification from the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards.  The certification training program covered topics such as early intervention, living with autism, and acceptance.  Below are her key takeaways from a presentation by Kerry Magro, Autism Advocate. “What Happens to Children with Autism When They Become Adults” by Kerry Magro Kerry Mangro didn’t speak until he was two-years old and was eventually diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  His parents were his biggest advocates and focused on what they could do to help him.  After 15 years of occupational, physical …

Alison Cundy

How We Can All Help Glass Children

Staff Perspectives

If you find the below article useful please consider making a donation so we can create more.   By staff writer, Alison Cundy Glass Children While doing research, I unearth a video by Alicia Arenas, who calls herself a “Glass Child.”   This term is brand new to me.  Glass children are siblings of a person with a disability.  The word glass means people tend to see right through them and focus only on the person with the disability.  ‘Glass’ is also used because the children appear strong, but in reality are not.  These children have needs that are not being …


Brianna Graduates from Project SEARCH®


What is Project SEARCH®? Brianna is a Project SEARCH® participant through the Rochester City School District.  Project SEARCH® is a one year, school to work transition program that began at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.  Project SEARCH® combines classroom instruction with meaningful internship experiences to meet the goal of employment for each participant. Brianna’s Internship Through Project SEARCH® Brianna was formerly an intern at I-Square where she handled fresh produce and food. “My favorite thing to do was slicing pickles,” she said.  She learned the ropes on how to prepare foods as well as perform general cleaning duties, like washing dishes, sweeping the floors, taking out the trash …

Linda and Alex

Camaraderie in the Workplace


As an Assembly Operator I work side by side with people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Working alongside people with disabilities has shown me what simple kindness is. Inclusion and Disabilities in the Workplace Over the years I’ve been here I have seen so many wonderful relationships bloom between co-workers with and without disabilities. We aren’t just co-workers we are friends. Simple Kindness While I was working with Alex he showed me kindness. Alex and I had been discussing when our birthdays were and mine was coming up very soon.  Alex takes the RTS Bus to work every day …