Karen Oliveri

Meaningful Work

Staff Perspectives

As part of my interview I was taken to Community Arts Connections and met a person we support named Emily.  She was so excited to meet me that it brought tears to my eyes.  How many times have you had that happen at an interview?  I knew immediately that The Arc of Monroe was the perfect place for me to work. Now every time I see Emily she runs up to me, smiling, and says hello.  It really tugs at my hearts strings and this is exactly why I am here, to support Emily and everyone else, in any way …

Nutrition, summer grilling, and physical activity

Staff Perspectives

As a Diet Technician in the residences, wellness is promoted through improved eating, nutrition education, and training for staff and people we support.  I do on-site observations, collaboration with teams, and staff guidance. Nutrition plans are often tailored to treat particular diseases and conditions.  The ultimate goal is promoting health and healing to prevent illnesses, in tandem with administration, house managers and supervisors. Diet and Nutrition Many adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities have poor nutrition, low physical activity and weight fluctuations. I am always aiming to help the team strategize and evaluate a health intervention system to improve diet and …

The Arc of Monroe awards, achievements and partnerships

What's In The News

The Arc of Monroe presented awards at the annual meeting on June 27th, 2018. It was an opportunity to celebrate a year together, full of accomplishments and appreciation. At this meeting several awards were presented to people we support, our staff, and our community and business partners. Click here to view the presentation of awards. 2018 Weckesser Awards Presented to Carrie Saurini The Weckesser Award recognizes the overall achievements of a person, the barriers/challenges which he/she has overcome, and the positive impact they have had on others. In 1998 the Weckesser Family established the Weckesser award as a means to …

Nick Wagar

Credentialing program changes perspective

Staff Perspectives

When I received the offer to take the Direct Support Professional (DSP) credentialing class, I thought it would be very easy and plain sailing. Even though I had just started in this field I thought I had it all figured out! Well, I was wrong. Every day is different.  Everyone’s goals and aspirations are different. I learned a lot about person centered care, and it sticks out a lot more to me now. The Direct Support Professional credentialing program not only reminded me to respect the people I support, but to treat people with dignity.  It means being aware of …