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Mike’s “Rotten” Life

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Mike George was born with a quite-treatable heart condition, and some routine surgery when he was nine months old was botched, impairing oxygen flow to his brain, and reducing his cognitive function.   It would be easy to say Mike has had a rotten life.  Taken from his mother’s arms within hours of birth and moved to another hospital; surgery the second day of his life; five more heart surgeries; drilling into his skull to alleviate a subdural hematoma; gallbladder surgery.  Cognitive impairment when he had awesome genes and awesome potential.   But Mike’s “rotten” life is the only thing …

Add Volunteering to your New Years Resolutions


It’s time to make your New Year’s resolutions!  How about volunteering more?  Here are 10 reasons to start volunteering: It’s beneficial to get involved in your community Meet new people Give back to an organization that has helped you personally That natural sense of accomplishment May help advance your career Helping those in need makes you feel good Provides a sense of purpose Learn new skills Gain a whole new perspective Make a difference Finding the right volunteer opportunity What type of organization would you like to be involved with?  Are there particular skills you want to use or learn? …

Nataliya and Shelley

A Dream Come True


Meet Nataliya Fetsyak, a Registered Nurse at the Arc of Monroe. She immigrated from the Ukraine in 2010 with her husband and three kids, the youngest child being only eight months old. She arrived not knowing any English, but she was fulfilling her dream to live in America and provide a better life for her children. In the Ukraine, Nataliya was an elementary school teacher and her husband an engineer. They lived in a small town, in a one bedroom apartment, along with their grandmother. They were considered wealthy because they had a car. But life there did not suit …

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Autism and Mental Health: Dual Diagnosis

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If you find the below article useful please consider making a donation so we can create more.   Click here for information about Autism (ADOS) Testing in our Article 16 Clinic. JR is 28 years old. He lives with his mother and younger brother, has a part time janitorial job at the local YMCA.  He loves “girls”, watching YouTube videos, and following March Madness. After graduating high school, he gained volunteer experience and vocational training. He stays home two days per week so that he can have enough time to attend his appointments and volunteer with Meals on Wheels. JR …