Todd & Autumn


Our Celebrity Dancer Todd Youngman is a talented graphic designer and marketing professional with a long career with beloved companies in the Rochester area. Today, this celebrity dancer has a different profession – one where he lives to make people laugh. He took the leap into becoming a stand-up comedian at the age of 40 when he participated in a showcase at the Rochester club Comedy at the Carlson. He got laughs… and the rest is history. Now he’s a regular comic at the club where he’s also the marketing guru. He says laughter is the best medicine. We know there will be lot of laughter between him and his partner as they embark on this journey together!

Our The Arc of Monroe Dancer Autumn Ealey is a performer with the Community Arts Connection dance troupe, A Moving Experience where you can catch her lighting up the dance floor with her favorite dance move – the twirl and strike a pose. And of course, the stanky leg. This dancer’s favorite movie is Aladdin, and when it comes to picking her favorite Disney princess, it’s Snow White all the way! When jamming out, her favorite singers are Chris Brown and Jordan Sparks. And if you want to have a great laugh, ask her to do her favorite funny face – sticking out her tongue and doing jazz hands above her head – sort of like a moose!