A Message of Solidarity


A Message of Solidarity from President & CEO of The Arc of Monroe, Barbara Wale

As I take time to reflect on the recent protests locally, regionally and nationally, our mission and vision stay top of mind for me. The Arc of Monroe’s mission is to create an inclusive society and ensure that the people we support are integrated wholly into our community, where diversity should be honored.

Racism, injustice and violence have no place in our society and cannot be tolerated. Yet we continue to be unable to make enough progress regarding diversity in our country. Now, more than ever, it is critical to step back, face the hard subjects, listen to each other, have productive conversations and try to reflect. The Arc of Monroe aspires to build better lives for everyone. We strive to have a diverse employee population, and we know that it is only by interacting with and listening to people of all races, backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientation and abilities that we can hope to truly understand and appreciate one another. We are committed to being a safe place for everyone, including people we support, to be who they are and stand tall, proud and respected.

We are committed to using all platforms across our agency to educate, inform and inspire the public. We are committed to being a champion of and advocating for equality as we stand together in solidarity on a journey toward a better tomorrow.