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Autism testing now available

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Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule training

In October 2018, Dr. Susan Chlebowski and I attended a three-day training in White Plains, NY to learn about an assessment tool called the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, 2nd edition (ADOS-2). The ADOS-2 assesses and diagnoses autism spectrum disorders across age, developmental level, and language skills. The training was very interactive and we observed clinicians administering the ADOS-2 to a young child as well as to an adult. We then went through the assessment tool as a large group to learn how to rate the behaviors we observed in order to formulate a diagnosis.

What to expect at your assessment

Coming into the clinic for an assessment can feel like a daunting task for some people.  People are often afraid of giving the “wrong answer” or feel like they are going to fail a test.  The ADOS-2 is designed to be an enjoyable activity for the person being assessed. The activities used in the ADOS-2 are standardized scenarios that are performed which lets the clinician observe social behaviors and communication in order to look for traits that are consistent with a diagnosis of autism.  It doesn’t leave the person being evaluated feeling like they are under a microscope.

Games, puzzles and conversations about the person’s life are used to help the clinician asses the individual for traits of autism. When the ADOS-2 is administered to children, fun toys and snacks are used as well.

ADOS testing now available in Monroe County

We are very excited to start offering this service to both adults and to children!  We understand that being assessed for a diagnosis such as autism can be unnerving, especially for families with young children. Our goal is to help accurately determine if someone’s behaviors are consistent with a diagnosis of autism to ensure that people in our community are able to receive services they may need to live their best life possible!

Contact the Arc of Monroe’s Article 16 Clinic for more information at 585-271-0661.


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Jennifer Parks

Jennifer Parks, LMSW, is a Clinical Assessment Specialist at the Arc of Monroe’s Article 16 Clinic.