The Arc of Monroe awards, achievements and partnerships

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The Arc of Monroe presented awards at the annual meeting on June 27th, 2018. It was an opportunity to celebrate a year together, full of accomplishments and appreciation. At this meeting several awards were presented to people we support, our staff, and our community and business partners. Click here to view the presentation of awards.

2018 Weckesser Awards
Presented to Carrie Saurini

Carrie Saurini Wins The Weckesser Awards

Carrie Saurini

The Weckesser Award recognizes the overall achievements of a person, the barriers/challenges which he/she has overcome, and the positive impact they have had on others.

In 1998 the Weckesser Family established the Weckesser award as a means to honor/ recognize someone who receives services, attends program, or lives in a residence operated by The Arc of Monroe. This year’s Weckesser Award winner is Carrie Saurini.

Carrie Saurini decided to try something new after working at ArcWorks for many years. She is currently enrolled in the Culinary Career Prep program at The Arc Deli. Carrie works hard every day with a positive attitude and is always willing to help others. She has excellent customer service skills, and is determined to learn new skills, including how to bake cookies from a recipe, prepare salads, sandwiches, and wash dishes using a commercial dishwasher .

Carrie is taking RTS Access to work and to her appointments on a regular basis and is working hard to improve her communication skills. Carrie has participated in Cooking Matters, volunteered for Meals on Wheels, and at Fairport Baptist Home as part of her community experiences with CCP. Carrie has overcome adversity (health issues and loss of a loved one) and has still persevered.

Carrie is a role model and shining example of strength, determination, and courage.

2018 Kevin Walsh Awards
Presented to Anthony Canty

Anthony Canty Wins the Kevin Walsh Awards

Anthony Canty

The Family of Kevin Walsh established the Kevin Walsh Award in 1997. Kevin had been a participant of The Arc of Monroe’s  Vocational Program until his passing in 1997. This award is presented to someone who attends or receives services from one of The Arc’s Employment Services Programs (ArcWorks, Job Path, or the ArcDeli).

This year’s Kevin Walsh Award is presented to Anthony Canty.

Anthony has been employed at Rochester General Hospital since May of 2016 as an Environmental Services Aide. His supervisor Liz Falloco has this to say about Anthony: “Anthony has overcome a great deal of adversity and he is a valued and respected member of our team. He does excellent work and makes genuine connections with patients and co-workers.”

Anthony is a graduate of the City of Rochester Project SEARCH program and will be spotlighted in a recently completed produced two-hour documentary highlighting successes of programs similar to Project SEARCH in the US.

Anthony plays an important part of his twin sister’s life, both having been born prematurely. He successfully budgets his money to pay for both his and his sister’s expenses so they can enjoy going to museums, lunches, the movies, an other activities.

Anthony hopes to someday live in his own apartment, obtain his drivers license, and have two German Shepard dogs. Anthony is currently studying for his learner’s permit online.

2018 Roger J. Robach Awards
Presented to  Charles “Chuck” Wysocarski

Chuck Wysocarski Wins the Roger J. Robach Awards

Chuck Wysocarski

The Roger J. Robach Award is given to an Arc employee who most exemplifies NYS Assemblyman Robach’s special qualities and fulfills the Mission, Vision, and Core Values of The Arc.

The Arc of Monroe County awards this year’s Roger J. Robach Award to Chuck Wysocarski.

Chuck has been with The Arc of Monroe for 21 years and is currently the LPN at the Community Arts Connection. His co-workers and the people he supports lovingly call him “Doctor Chuck” and say is a counselor, teacher, front-line supervisor, jokester, cheerleader, champion, direct care staff, jack of all trades, drop anything and help man, and friend.”

Chuck shows empathy by ensuring that he doesn’t just do for others, but teaches them along the way, so they know what to do in his absence. He is level headed in an emergency situations, explaining things so a person isn’t scared.

Chuck brings an energy and easy-going mindset to the workplace every day, being an example of camaraderie. Whether it is through his t-shirts with memorable quotes, or his daily demeanor and interactions, anyone who has worked with Chuck knows he has a great sense of humor. He has a loud and infectious laugh and understands when to use humor and when to be serious.

He leads with excellence by being diligent with paperwork and reaching out to ensure everyone on the team is on the same page with future procedures.

Chuck has run music classes, led a hygiene discussion group for men, been an on-site maintenance man, has driven people home, does core room coverage, is a second staff for conversations with people dealing with serious matters. He does all of these things before anyone even knew then needed to be done and when thanked, shrugs and says “it’s no big deal. We’re a team.”  Well, Chuck, we think you are a big deal!

2018 Employer of the Year (The Arc New York)
Presented to Harts Groceries

Hart's Local Grocers Wins The Arc New York Employer Recognition Awards

Amy Jerman

Employers across New York State are acknowledging the value of employing people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The Arc New York Employer Recognition Award provides their chapters with an opportunity to recognize an individual, corporation, or business in the state that has demonstrated outstanding support in providing job opportunities for people who have disabilities.

The Arc of Monroe presented the 2018 Employer of the Year Award to Hart’s Local Grocers. Hart’s philosophy is to offer people with disabilities the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and dedication to be a successful employee.

Hart’s works with The Arc of Monroe’s Job Path program and their Employment Specialists to identify, interview, hire and promote people with disabilities throughout their company.

Hart’s offers a Work Try Out for people with disabilities.  If a position is not the right fit, managers will move people to other departments, or get creative, to find a position to match the employee’s skills.

Amy Jerman, Hart’s employee, accepted the award on their behalf.  Congratulations!


2018 Business Community Partner of the Year
Presented to David Meisenzahl

David Meisenzahl Wins Community Partner of the Year Awards

David Meisenzahl

The Community Partner of the Year Award is given to an individual, family or organization for their dedication to creating opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  This partner is committed to helping people build skills, achieve goals they set for themselves, gain independence and self-confidence in moving forward in all their future endeavors.

This year’s award is presented to David Meisenzahl who is a true partner of the Arc of Monroe and its Foundation. He was nominated as a member on the Foundation Board in April of 2012, and is currently serving as its Board Chair.  He is the CFO and COO of Touchstone Technology and employs a person through The Arc of Monroe’s supported employment program, Job Path.

2018 Business Partner of the Year
Presented to  e-Health Technologies

eHealth Technologies Wins Business Partner of the Year Awards

Ken Rosdenfeld and his team from eHealth Technologies

The Business Partner of the Year Award is given to an organization or company for their unwavering commitment to creating opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  This partner is dedicated to helping people build skills, achieve goals they set for themselves, gain independence and self-confidence in moving forward in all their future endeavors.

The 2018 Business Partner of the Year award is eHealth Tecnhologies.

Ken Rosenfeld co-founded eHealth Technologies in 2006, and is currently serving as its President and CEO.  EHealth Technologies is one of the leading local entrepreneurial success stories, and has been recognized as a top workplace.

True to its nature, eHealth Technologies has helped enrich the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by opening The Bistro at eHealth, which serves as a community pre-vocational program at Culinary Career Prep. People gain valuable work skills, and this opens the door for many to go to competitive employment at different food service industries.