What is the #bFair2DirectCare initiative?


A Message from The President/ CEO of The Arc of Monroe,
Barbara Wale

For nearly eight years, non-profit agencies which serve New Yorkers with developmental disabilities went without a funding increase. To address this issue, #bFair2DirectCare formed and waged a statewide educational campaign to win funding for a living wage, phased in over six years.

In 2017, Governor Cuomo made the commitment to a six year plan for the state to provide an increase in wages for direct support professionals. When fully implemented, the living wage for a DSP would be roughly $16.40/hour upstate.

The first two years of the plan were executed, with the state providing funding for a 3.25% increase in salary.

However, Governor Cuomo’s Executive Budget proposal fails to follow through on the remainder of this plan to include the funding necessary to give DSPs a fair, living wage.

Speaking on behalf of the dedicated direct support professionals and the incredible work that they do for people we support with intellectual or developmental disabilities, I am urging Governor Cuomo and the Legislature to “finish the job” with the bFair2DirectCare initiative.

Our work is not done. The Governor and the Legislature need to continue to support DSPs. We will continue to lobby on behalf of the people who give of themselves whole heartedly to improve the lives of people with I/DD.

If you would like to join in the bFairtoDirectCare initiative, I encourage you to make phone calls and send emails or letters to the senators and assembly people in your district.

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Barbara Wale, President/CEO
The Arc of Monroe and advocate of #bFair2DirectCare

Barbara Wale