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Tori Campbell

Victoria, or Tori, Campbell attends the Arc of Monroe’s MCC Experience program at Monroe Community College. This is her second year in the MCC Experience program.

About MCC Experience

MCC Experience is a higher education transitional service that prepares people such as Tori for employment. Through classroom learning, participating in campus activities, internships and volunteering Tori is learning all the necessary skills that will help her reach her goals.

This program shares a classroom with Greece Central School District. Together they work on survival skills, career development, go to the fitness center, socialize at College Hours, and participate in clubs and more, along with the rest of the campus.

College experience

In fall of 2019 Tori took the College Orientation and Success Class. She says this is how she learned to be a student. For example, she learned how to use MCC’s technology, take notes, write essays, be on time, and pay attention.  Tori explains, “I have trouble with paying attention so I sit up front so I am engaged with the professor. That helps a lot. I also come to class early to ask the professor what we are doing today so I can be prepared.”

Job training

As part of the MCC Experience program Tori works on job skills like writing resumes, what to do on a job interview, personal space, and what to wear. They also work on daily living skills such as cooking, personal space, money management and problem solving. “These are skills I’ll use forever,” says Tori, “They should put this program in high schools.”

Volunteering and internships play a big role in training. Tori held her first Internship at the college bookstore on the MCC Brighton campus. She learned how to count change. “I was so excited!” Other activities included cleaning, folding clothes, vacuuming, and pricing items.

Tori volunteers at Goodwill, Special Touch Bakery, Mary’s Place, and House of Mercy. She also attends MCC’s Open Houses and helps with tours for potential incoming students.

With an ultimate goal of employment, transportation also plays a big role. As part of the program Tori  learned how to navigate the RTS bus system. She now uses it all the time by herself to get to MCC (downtown and Brighton), the mall, and doctor’s office, which she says is fun for her. She uses her phone to look up routes and get notifications about bus arrival times. She’s enjoying her new found independence.

What is Pathways?

In fall 2019 Tori joined Pathways. The Pathways Program is a two-year certificate program that MCC offers the students who participate in the ACE@MCC Program, or MCC Experience.  When entering Pathways each person gets to choose a “major.” Majors include Health, Education, Hospitality, Business, Human Services, Criminal Justice and others.  Tori is taking the Human Services Pathway which means she can audit one class a semester in that major. She chose Human Services “because I receive the services myself and I want to be an advocate for people who can’t advocate for themselves,” she explains.  In spring 2020 she’ll be auditing Introduction into Human Services.

In addition, each Pathways student must join a club. Tori is in the Human Services club. The club gathers donations for local kids and helps find community resources to help other people.

Field service is also required for the certificate program. Tori is fulfilling this requirement by being a Peer Mentor. This means going to Peer Mentor training and meetings and helping other students. Tori attended the training and afterwards was able to return to her classroom and help others, which was empowering.

What’s next…

Tori will graduate from MCC Experience in spring 2021. She then hopes to go to REOC to earn her GED.

According to Tori “This program is teaching me to be a responsible adult.” With her energy, spirit and enthusiasm we have no doubt that she will reach and surpass all her goals.