Wendy’s many hats at the Arc

Staff Perspectives

Wendy Guinn has worn many hats in her career at the Arc of Monroe. She began in a direct support position as a Therapy Aide at Crittenden Day Treatment Program (currently Lambert Day Services) and was later promoted to Team Leader in a core room. Over the years Wendy has held positions as a Treatment Coordinator, Treatment Coordinator – Special Services, Health Care Treatment Manager, Assistant Director of Crittenden Day Treatment Program, Director of Fairport Day Services, Associate Director of Quality Improvement for Day Programs, and PrecisionCare Administrator.

Her interest in process brought her to her current position where she manages agency software called PrecisionCare and Tableau. In this role she is still able to help people with services, just in a different way.

Some of the jobs she held she helped create due to agency need. Flexibility of creating new positions was one of the reasons Wendy has stayed at the Arc so long. “I’ve had very forward thinking supervisors who appreciate your skills and use them in a way that will help the agency improve quality of services, and encourage your talents.”

Wendy touts her incredible relationships with colleagues over the years and great teamwork by everyone.  “People are in it for the right reason. Everyone here is like family. It’s very comfortable. We’ve been through a lot together and we support each other as coworkers and friends,” says Wendy.

Throughout her career Wendy got close with a lot of families and people she supported. She loves running into them around the agency and seeing how far they have come in the more than 30 years she has worked here.

In her free time Wendy golfs, enjoys bike rides, and traveling.



Wendy Guinn

Wendy Guinn is Manager of PrecisionCare at the Arc of Monroe. She is celebrating 33 years with the agency.