Celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month

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Celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month During October, we are celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month and highlighting a few people we support who are employed through our Job Path program. First up, we highlight Steve Blum who works as a Lot Attendant at Home Depot where he’s been since 2002. Steve says he enjoys the job and his coworkers very much. He’s been working throughout the pandemic, thankful for the opportunity to keep patrons safe by sanitizing the Home Depot carts – something completely new for him. Now he’s used to it and enjoys keep the customers know the …

Manufacturing at ArcWorks

Meet Audrey: 13 years at ArcWorks

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Meet Audrey who is celebrating 13 years ArcWorks. If you have the opportunity to work alongside Audrey you’ll quickly see she is positive, enthusiastic, hard-working and a great role model to colleagues. Audrey likes the manufacturing and production work she does, especially on the assembly line or packaging. Audrey really enjoys her work hours which are 8:30AM to 2:30PM. Today you can find Audrey packaging medicine, making sure there are 12 bottles in each box. Audrey also enjoys putting together the boxes that will eventually be filled by other ArcWorks teams. “I like busy work,” she explains. Other recent packaging …

College Experience

My college experience

Stories Of People We Support

To support services like these please consider making a donation. MCC Highlight By: Tori Campbell Hi my name is Victoria Campbell. I am one of the Pathways students though the Arc of Monroe. I am starting my first Pathways semester this semester. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, my day starts off with meeting Molly, one of the Arc staff, at the Transit Center. We meet at Gate 11 and then take Bus 55 to the Brighton MCC campus. I have an 8:00am class it’s called COS (College Orientation and Success Strategies) 133 which is required for entering college students. After …

MCC Experience

Program Highlights of MCC Experience

Stories Of People We Support

To support college experience programs like these please consider making a donation. Community Involvement By: Timothy Hannon & Britnaie Smith On September 4, we went to a Welcome Back with SEGA college hour. During the college hour there was free brunch food, there were sunglasses to bring home that said, “My future’s so bright I gotta wear shades”. On the first Friday of September, we went to an Underground Railroad reenactment that was put together by the A.M.E. Zion church. Then we took a walking tour with one of the reenactors to find out about Rochester during the time of …

Independent Living: Brandy’s Story

Stories Of People We Support

Brandy moved from Clarissa Street to Fernwood Park in 2015.  This was at a time that more person centered supports were being adopted by The Arc Monroe and direct care for Brandy meant more opportunities for her to assume responsibility and the associated risks, especially in an independent apartment setting. Soon after she moved to Fernwood, Brandy expressed her desire to visit a close friend in Chicago, Illinois.  She worked to earn her independence with her medication administration, saved her money for her ticket and with all the groundwork laid for daily communication and ensuring Brandy’s safety in case of …

A good job

Stories Of People We Support

Meet Mike Kirchoff who started his job at ArcWorks, a division of the Arc of Monroe, twenty years ago.  ArcWorks is the contract manufacturing facility on Lyell Avenue in Rochester, NY. A typical day Mike works on the operations floor in assembly.  He works full time Monday through Friday.  A typical day starts at 8:30a when he arrives on the operations floor.  He is hands-on until 10a when he joins a group of colleagues who volunteer locally, cook together, or visit a park.  Mike is back out on the floor after lunch from 12:30 to 3:30. Recently ArcWorks was contracted to …

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Mike’s “Rotten” Life

Stories Of People We Support

Mike George was born with a quite-treatable heart condition, and some routine surgery when he was nine months old was botched, impairing oxygen flow to his brain, and reducing his cognitive function.   It would be easy to say Mike has had a rotten life.  Taken from his mother’s arms within hours of birth and moved to another hospital; surgery the second day of his life; five more heart surgeries; drilling into his skull to alleviate a subdural hematoma; gallbladder surgery.  Cognitive impairment when he had awesome genes and awesome potential.   But Mike’s “rotten” life is the only thing …

Amanda’s Love for Life

Stories Of People We Support

Amanda Vito is someone you should know.  She has been enrolled in services at the Arc of Monroe for fourteen years!  She is involved with Community Arts Connection, Job Path, Special Olympics and is employed at the Bay View YMCA.  Amanda leads her life with a smile on her face, lighting up any room she’s in. Day Services Community Arts Connection allows Amanda personal expression through the arts.  She enjoys creating watercolors and pastels, with a particular focus on flowers which she was inspired to paint after a trip to Hawaii with her family.  You will find many of her …

Marcus, Employment and NDEAM

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In honor of  NDEAM (National Disability Employment Awareness Month) we introduce Marcus who is employed at Hart’s Local Grocers in Rochester, NY. What is NDEAM? NDEAM celebrates the contributions of workers with disabilities and educates about the value of a workforce inclusive of their skills and talents. On the job On his first day of work Marcus remarks that everyone at Hart’s was very welcoming and says they treat him like family. A Job Coach or Employment Specialist, like Ashley, from Job Path will help with job hunting, resume writing, and interview skills.  Ashley helped Marcus find a job that …

The Precious Treasure of Imagination

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The Precious Treasure of Imagination James, writer, and Jason, writer and Nazareth College LifePrep member, meet to discuss their passion for creative writing, both being diagnosed with disabilities.  Here is their conversation: Creative Writing Conversation James: We both have a mutually shared interest in the creative arts. I enjoy the literary work of JRR Tolkien and Stephen King. Who motivates you Jason, to pick up a pen and start writing? Jason: Long ago I decided that I was going to write a great book. I was always intent on writing a book in hopes that I could be rich and …