Clover Crew Holds Family and Friends BBQ

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By Chigozie Onwubalili, Clover Hills Residence Manager On August 21, 2021 the individuals supported and the entire team at Clover Hills (Clover Crew) had a Family and Friends BBQ. It was a wonderful opportunity to live the agency’s core value of camaraderie. Both the individuals and their families, together with the entire staff and their families met, socialized and established rapport. The day was colorful and bright. Although everyone was treading with caution as we all made safety a priority by social-distancing and mask wearing as much as possible, the event/day was filled with a sense of relief and freedom …

2021 Employee Milestone Celebration

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On September 30, 2021, The Arc of Monroe held the 2021 Employee Milestone Celebration. Employees are at the heart and soul of The Arc of Monroe, and it was exciting to celebrate at Shadow Lake Golf Club with the honorees from milestone years including 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 25 years, 30 years, and 35 years. We celebrated longevity and honored each of those who reached a milestone in their career at The Arc of Monroe. As we hit the20-year milestone mark, we wanted to do something extra special for those who have given so much of …

Carol DeMoulin of The Arc Foundation of Monroe Announces Transition to Retirement

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Carol DeMoulin, the Executive Director of The Arc Foundation of Monroe, recently announced her plan to start a transition to retirement. Since starting her role as Executive Director in November of 2018, The Arc Foundation of Monroe has raised nearly $1.5 million to help fulfill The Arc’s mission and uphold its core values. Leading this charge, she acknowledges the “strong and mighty” team from the Foundation and Marketing department who have helped drive this success. “The Arc Foundation is solid and stable,” said Tracy Petrichick, CFO and acting CEO, The Arc of Monroe. “We had great success in 2020 despite …

A Match Made for the Holidays

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Doug Hoyt has wanted to illustrate books since he was a little kid. So when he got the opportunity to make his dream come true, he jumped at the chance. Hoyt has teamed up with Rochester broadcast legend Don Alhart to produce a holiday children’s book this season. The 13-WHAM anchor had his own dream – to create a holiday book about a nostalgic memory of his that centered on Sibley’s Toyland in downtown Rochester. “Sibley’s Christmas Adventure,” was a story Alhart had created about “Sibley,” a mouse on a magical Christmas adventure set on the fourth floor toy department …

Sibley’s Christmas Adventure debuts from Don Alhart

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Before WHAM-TV, Channel 13 anchor Don Alhart rushed out to do the 11 p.m. news on October 3, he spent the evening with us at The Arc of Monroe’s annual celebration, A Toast to the Arc. We were thrilled to help him launch his first children’s book, “Sibley’s Christmas Adventure,” wonderfully illustrated by Doug Hoyt. Join “Sibley,” the mouse on a magical Christmas adventure set in Sibley’s Toyland in downtown Rochester. “Downtown Rochester was a special place during the holidays, and the fourth floor toy department at Sibley’s was the center of the universe for me.” All sales from Sibley’s …

Council on Quality and Leadership Accreditation

Arc of Monroe achieves CQL person-centered excellence accreditation

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Arc of Monroe received Person Centered Excellence Accreditation from the Council on Quality and Leadership for the second time. While all agencies in New York State are required to maintain minimal standards in order to provide services to persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD), the Arc of Monroe has again been recognized as being an agency which provides Person Centered Excellence by the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL). CQL’s Accreditation approach is about being on a journey toward ongoing organizational transformation and continuous improvement. It is about choosing the right path and making measurable progress. “It is so …

Arc of Monroe Awarded $215,000 in Grants from NYSARC Trust Services

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Arc of Monroe Awarded $215,000 in Grants from NYSARC Trust Services To support guardianship and new recreational opportunities for people with disabilities in Monroe County. Rochester, NY – The Arc of Monroe, a not-for-profit organization supporting people with disabilities in Monroe County, has been awarded $215,000 in grants from the Trustee Management Board of NYSARC Trust Services to support the Arc of Monroe’s guardianship and recreation programs. NYSARC Trust Services administers supplemental needs trusts (SNT) that can make dramatic improvements to the lives of people with disabilities while enabling people to maintain eligibility for public benefits programs, such as Medicaid …

The Arc of Monroe awards, achievements and partnerships

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The Arc of Monroe presented awards at the annual meeting on June 27th, 2018. It was an opportunity to celebrate a year together, full of accomplishments and appreciation. At this meeting several awards were presented to people we support, our staff, and our community and business partners. Click here to view the presentation of awards. 2018 Weckesser Awards Presented to Carrie Saurini The Weckesser Award recognizes the overall achievements of a person, the barriers/challenges which he/she has overcome, and the positive impact they have had on others. In 1998 the Weckesser Family established the Weckesser award as a means to …

Why Rebrand?

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Did you hear the news?  The Arc of Monroe is going through a rebrand.  Some might say, “So what” and “big deal.”  For us a rebrand means a recommitment to the people we support and our community.  It IS a pretty big deal! Why rebrand? The Arc of Monroe is going to focus even more on the people we support and provide more services that meet their wants and needs.  To do this we are placing even more emphasis on Personal Outcome Measures (POMS).   Our staff interviews 15-20 people we support per month to find out what really matters in …


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