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College experience participants out and about in Rochester

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Our Monroe Community College (MCC) Experience participants had a busy summer and wrote about the experiences below.

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Community Involvement

By: Britanie Smith & Alexander Gresens

We went to the Buffalo Bills Training Camp at St John Fisher College.We played games
with LifePrep@Naz students, like a Family Feud game! We took some individual photos
with the mascot and then a group photo after. We took a group photo with LifePrep.

We went to Charlotte Beach and we had fun in the sun plus some people decided to walk on the
pier while others stayed at the beach. Some of us went swimming in the water and it felt very
cold and warm but it was nice! We ate lunch at the beach and then went to Abbott’s Ice Cream
to get ice cream.

We went to the Fish Hatchery at Powder Mill Park and we had a picnic lunch.

Our Lifeprep friends came and planned a bingo activity for us.

Our class went to Greece Canal Park and we went walking on a trail that went along the canal. We went under the bridge and we saw a farm over the river called Homesteads for Hope. We found a new
geocache in the bushes. Our trip was a great one!

We went to Foodlink and we checked the food to see if it was open or not and we tied the bags up plus we had to put five bags in a box and stacked them up on the skid. Lastly before we went to MCC we swept the floor to make sure it was clean. We went to Foodlink another day in August, where we sorted pasta again.

Our class went to the Rochester Public Market and we did an activity where each one of us were
partners and we had to go on a scavenger hunt to find different things like favorite kinds of
foods, including different colored vegetables, fish and meat. It was fun! While at at the
Public Market we attended a cooking class and watched a woman who made a recipe where
she used raw corn into a salad. She let us try the salad when she was done. She also gave out
some important papers that talked about what myplate is and what you should do if you are
shopping on a budget.

On August 15th we went to Lollypop Farm where we took a self-guided tour of the farm. We saw all of the animals!

On August 16th we went to Seabreeze where we rode lots of rides and saw our LifePrep friends. The last week of summer we finished up our math lessons for the month and prepared for the new semester starting!

On August 23rd we had our End of Summer Party with LifePrep. Then, on August 26th
Pathways students started their MCC classes and Meegan returned.

Lollypop Farm

MCC Experience at Lollypop Farm

Program Highlights

By: Tori Campbell & Darrion Dixon

This month we did a lot of fun activities in our community as well as fun lessons in the
classroom. We interviewed Molly to see what her favorite part of this month was. She said
her favorite part of this month is going to Seabreeze with LifePrep@Naz. Next month Molly
is excited to go on the African American heritage trial and see the Akwaaba reenactment at
the AME Zion church. Molly is also looking forward to seeing our Greece friends.

Next, we interviewed TJ. TJ liked the public market activity that we did this summer. TJ said
he is looking forward to the fall semester and graduating this year.

Last, we interviewed Xavier. He said that he liked going to the Fish Hatchery at Powder Mills Park and the Public Market. Next month, Xavier is looking forward to starting the fall semester.

This Month’s Theme

By: Tyrik Johnson & Xavier Scriven

This month we also talked about the difference between wants and needs and how to
prioritize your money. We had a “classroom budget” this month, and Michelle and Molly
gave us options of what to spend or save our classroom money on. In class we reviewed a
price matching activity we did in our community, comparing prices from Aldi and Dollar

We also learned about what the difference between fixed and flexible expenses are.
Rent is a fixed expense. Clothing is a flexible expense. We reviewed the difference between
wants and needs and how to prioritize your money.In class we also made a checking writing
cheat sheet on Google Docs to help us when we need to write checks in the future.

Buffalo Bills Training Camp

MCC Experience at Bills Training Camp

Monroe Community College (MCC) MVP

By: Timothy Hannon

The MCC MVP for this month is Xavier Scriven! Xavier is ACE@MCC’s newest student.
He always comes to class on time. One of his peers says he is a great guy to work with.
Another peers says he likes to have fun too and he is helpful. Xavier’s teachers say that he
has embraced being part of the program. He asks questions when he is unsure and is working
hard to get adjusted to the program! We are excited to have Xavier as a new student with us,
and can’t wait to see him grow.

Health and Fitness Corner

By: Dominic Palozzi

We learned that in order to build confidence you have to have a growth mindset. That means
you have to believe that you can get better at the things you struggle with. We have also
found out that you can’t look down on yourself. If you think encouraging thoughts before you
face a big challenge you are way more likely to perform better.

Another lesson we did was on the effects of stress on the brain and how to deal with stress. Some things that help manage stress are exercise and meditation.

On August 22nd we had another student-led fitness class. We had students present on Zumba, walking, dancing, cardio and tai chi.