The Arc of Monroe’s Community Resource Connections is a free service for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities living in Monroe County. Our Community Resource Specialist (CRS) can help individuals and families with a variety of supports and services including: OPWDD Eligibility, Medicaid Enrollment, and immediate assistance with basic needs.

Community Resource Connections

How It Works:

Step 1: The Community Resource Specialist (CRS) meets with you wherever you are the most comfortable.

Step 2: Working together, you develop short and long term goals. During this step, the CRS will help fill out any needed paperwork.

Step 3: The CRS submits the paperwork to providers, including OPWDD.

Step 4: Once the short term goals have been met, the CRS helps identify any additional assistance needed to accomplish the long term goals. If you could benefit from having a Medicaid Service Coordinator (MSC), the Community Resource Specialist will help you get connected to a Care Coordinator.

Receive support with:

OPWDD Eligibility

Medicaid Enrollment

Immediate assistance with basic needs

To learn more about this service, contact the Community Resource Specialist at (585) 271-0660 x 2581 or fill out the form below.

Quick Facts:

Perfect for students transitioning out of high school (age 18-21) who need help to discover their options

This service is made possible through a grant from the United Way of Rochester


Meet Jane Stamler

Jane will help you obtain eligibility!

As the Community Resource Specialist, Jane helps people with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities obtain eligibility for OPWDD (Office for People with Developmental Disabilities) services, through a grant funded by the United Way. Over the past 10 years, The Arc’s Community Resource Specialist has supported over 500 families and individuals pursuing eligibility.

Jane will meet with you at your convenience and in-person!

You are able to connect with Jane directly, and she has the ability to meet with you wherever you are most comfortable. The first phone call will immediately begin the process of obtaining eligibility. When meeting with the Community Resource Specialist, she will help you develop both long and short term goals.

Jane will connect you with resources in the community and with selecting a Care Coordinator!

Jane will work closely with many community Agencies including School Districts, Finger Lakes DDRO, and Access-VR to provide as many supports as needed to meet long and short term goals. After eligibility is established, she will connect you with an organization that can assist you in selecting a Care Coordinator, who will help you transform those goals into a Life Plan.

Jane will help you secure financing for immediate needs!

Another part of her role is assisting people in obtaining ISS (Individualized Supports and Services) subsidies. This is a service that can help with securing financial help to fund immediate needs. With the immediate accessibility to Jane and the services she supports, with just a phone call, your road to accessing the appropriate services will be direct and as efficient as possible.

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