Nick Wagar

Credentialing program changes perspective

Staff Perspectives

When I received the offer to take the Direct Support Professional (DSP) credentialing class, I thought it would be very easy and plain sailing. Even though I had just started in this field I thought I had it all figured out! Well, I was wrong. Every day is different.  Everyone’s goals and aspirations are different. I learned a lot about person centered care, and it sticks out a lot more to me now.

The Direct Support Professional credentialing program not only reminded me to respect the people I support, but to treat people with dignity.  It means being aware of and supporting their personal perspectives, values, AND beliefs.

So, as it reads in the NADSP code of ethics, I vow to make it my mission to promote the unique gifts and ideas of the people I support.  I will continue to represent people with high standards and using creative ideas.  I will encourage them to be active in their community and to assist them in becoming independent.  I will help with completing everyday tasks such as employment, personal finances, and maintaining their mental and physical well-being.  I will support their social and intimate relationships.

I know that how I act and work as a Direct Support Professional can potentially change someone’s life for the better.  I will continue to keep a positive attitude, advocate for, and assist the people I support when needed.

I want to thank my team for helping me with documentation, time, and being so flexible, while continuing to have my back all the time.  My director Allison and Senior Director Michael Catatalno for giving me the opportunity to be in the Direct Support Professional credentialing program.  A big thank you to Melody, Don and Tom for making the classes interesting, teaching, and sharing their own experiences with us.

Nick Wagar

Nick Wagar

Nick Wagar is a Direct Support Professional with The Arc of Monroe’s Community Connections day service.