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"The first thing I thought of is that I won't be here forever to take care of him. So having people like The Arc of Monroe make the world a difference for all of us..."Brett's mom, Christine
"The Arc made me more independent, doing tasks, doing things. It's hard to think where I would be without them, you know..."Donnell E.
"It's a blessing for me to be working here for over 10 years. It makes me feel humble. [The Arc] helped me get a good job by looking into a job, looking out for me."Eric M.
“I’m a pretty sensitive individual and I used to watch the treatment some classmates with disabilities received and it always bothered me. I’m glad to have the opportunity to give and to help. I think it’s so easy to marginalize people and they don’t deserve that. I really believe you need to show respect and dignity to everyone.”Lisa Powers, Foundation Board Member
“Especially during the last several months of Tom’s life, the loving care and concern for Tom was beyond wonderful. A few weeks before he passed, I asked Tom who his best friends were and he immediately started naming members of the Arc staff. He had a keen, innate sense of who is good in the world.”Richard C, Brother
“The Arc made a difference. They weren’t afraid to try something new when it came to trying to help my brother communicate and it worked. He’s always had very good, dedicated staff around him and we’re thankful for that.”Jean G, Sister
“I can see the caring at the golf tournament. I witness the interactions between the staff and them and it makes me feel like my money is going to a good place. We get inundated weekly with charitable requests but we find that it’s more effective to stay with the ones we know and to really get tied into them, like we do with the Arc.”Dan E, Businessman