Guardianship Coordinator

From Direct Support to Guardianship

Staff Perspectives

Terri Lazeski has a long history of helping people. Some of her first experiences include taking care of a boy who had a feeding tube and working at a summer camp for children with disabilities while she was in high school.

She graduated with a degree in education and learning disabilities and started her career at the Arc of Monroe at our Clover Hills house in a direct support role. This was her first full time job in the field.  She worked at this location for a year and then moved to Lambert (formerly Crittenden) as a Team Leader, working in two rooms.

Terri describes the Arc as having amazing staff and great camaraderie with colleagues.  “They all have the desire to really understand people and why they do certain things. We have a real team approach with each person we support” explains Terri.

Terri also spent time as a Case Manager and in Special Sitters. She has been in her current role as Guardianship Advocate for about 20 years. “We have so many great teachers here. I have learned so much along the way.”

About Guardianship

Regarding our Guardianship program Terri shares, “It’s about developing relationships, natural supports, and advocacy. We support their wishes, preferences, rights and likes.  We help ensure safety within decisions and guide people in good decision making. We are always educating and looking out for the best interest of the person.”

Terri looks forward to going to work every day and helping the people she supports. She has seen people grow, become more independent and achieve goals from her first days in Residential to present day.

Outside of work Terri enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She likes to read and take walks and enjoys family vacations to the Thousand Islands.


Guardianship Coordinator

Terri Lazeski

Terri Lazeski is a Guardianship Advocate at the Arc of Monroe. She is celebrating 31 years with the agency.