Linda and Alex

Camaraderie in the Workplace


As an Assembly Operator I work side by side with people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Working alongside people with disabilities has shown me what simple kindness is.

Inclusion and Disabilities in the Workplace

Over the years I’ve been here I have seen so many wonderful relationships bloom between co-workers with and without disabilities. We aren’t just co-workers we are friends.

Simple Kindness

While I was working with Alex he showed me kindness. Alex and I had been discussing when our birthdays were and mine was coming up very soon.  Alex takes the RTS Bus to work every day and on my birthday he showed up with a strawberry cake. He was so proud to give me the cake for my birthday. I knew he took the time the night previously to go to the store to buy the cake. When he gave it to me the cake was upside down and squished. At first I chuckled inside, but then I cried. Alex had taken the time to do something so kind for me. It was a simple gesture but it meant so much to me. When his birthday came around, I’m sure you can guess what I did. I bought him a cake!  When I gave him the cake he jokingly told me that it was too small. We both laughed about that for a while.

The kindness of others comes in so many different forms.  Working with people with disabilities has taught me to slow down and take in the simple joys that we sometimes forget to appreciate. We are all on the same team.  Small things like a thank you, a smile, or a helping hand can have such a positive effect.  It trickles its way into the lives of so many. In a work environment like this we are all teaching each other important life lessons and learning from one another.  These are lessons that you will carry throughout your whole life.

Linda Insalaco is an Assembly Operator at ArcWorks, a division of the Arc of Monroe.