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Job hunting advice from a recruiter


As a Recruiter for the Arc of Monroe I meet with a lot of candidates for employment.  I spend a lot of time explaining the many great services the Arc provides and discussing how the candidate’s goals match up with what we look for in an employee. If you’re a new college grad or just looking for a new opportunity I’ve got some tips that can help you find that dream job.

Where to start

There are so many online resources you can use to research businesses of interest, jobs offered and salaries that go along with specific positions.  Check out resources such as Handshake, Purple Briefcase and college bulletin boards to explore opportunities and see what jobs are out there.


When starting your job hunt you need to network and meet as many people as you can.  I recommend attending job fairs, while there speak with a variety of business reps to get a feel for what the company does and who they are as an employer.  If you get a good vibe or feeling from a particular representative, that company may be worth exploring further. Join networking groups, post your resume on professional websites and be willing to step out of the box.

Get comfortable talking about YOU!  Be able to tout your positive qualities and achievements.  As a recruiter I want to engage with you and get a sense of who you are as a person & hear about your work or internship experience. Sell yourself to me, why are you a stand out candidate, why should we hire you…

Dress for the job you want and don’t be afraid to approach and engage with us employers.  We need you as much as you need us.


After interviewing with Human Resources I recommend asking if you can meet your potential future manager.  When meeting with them consider if this is someone you can see yourself work for and developing a relationship with. As well, seeing the environment in which you could be working first hand.

If possible, talk to other people who work at the company and ask questions about their experience.  This can give you a good sense of what the day-to-day is like.

You’re hired!

Don’t accept the first job you’re offered if you’ve interviewed at multiple companies and it’s not your first choice. Go with the employer you feel good about, the employer that takes their time getting to know you and the one position that offers all the things you are looking for in a career. Take the process slow and make comparisons between companies. Look at the benefits, the pro and cons. Be honest with yourself. Don’t let anything, or anyone, rush you.  This is a big decision for you. As an employer, we want our employees to stay as long as possible.

Always give notice at your current employer and don’t burn any bridges upon leaving a job.  Employers do background checks, we talk to employees that work where you may have worked in the past or currently, we want to hear the great things, but employers always ask if there is anything that should be considered before hiring you.

College Students

If you’re a current college student I recommend testing out the waters with internships, volunteer work & college committee involvement.  This can really help you narrow down what career or position you should pursue.

If there’s a particular company that appeals to you, try and schedule an informational interview with them to find out more about the company.  This is a great way to get your foot in the door and build relationships.

Saying no

If at any time during the interview process the position doesn’t feel right, talk to the appropriate HR representative about your concerns.

My biggest message to anyone job hunting is to be patient, do your research & talk to as many people that work at a particular employer that you’re considering to get a feel for the culture there. This is an exciting time, job hunting is all about being skillful and having the ability to believe in yourself and the employer in which you could be potentially working for. Show your enthusiasm and ask questions.


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Trisha Wise

Trisha Wise is a Recruiter for the Arc of Monroe.