Legacy Giving

The Tim Rothschild
Legacy Society

Have you ever considered extending your charitable giving beyond your lifetime? How would you like to be remembered?  What legacy do you want to leave? Did you know that an individual served by the Arc made the largest Legacy Gift in our history?

Please consider joining those who have made, or plan to make, a Legacy Gift to the Arc Foundation.   These thoughtful gifts are often called “the ultimate gift,” not because of their size but for the spirit in which they were made.  Tim Rothschild, an individual served by the Arc, inspired many with his remarkable generosity.  Our Legacy Society is named in his honor.

“Tim was one of the most generous, considerate and courageous people I have known.  He was always concerned for others less fortunate and would share anything he had with someone who needed it.”

Here are a few ways that friends of the Arc can make a Legacy Gift to the Arc Foundation and become a member of the Legacy Society that we have established to honor Tim’s memory…

  • Designate part of your retirement plan
  • Named the Foundation in your will
  • Make a Life Income Gift
  • Leave stock or real estate
  • Give life insurance
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