Let’s Talk – What if a Conversation could lead to the Career of a Lifetime?

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Let’s Talk – What if a Conversation could lead to the Career of a Lifetime?
A Q and A with Trish Wise, Human Resources Recruiter

At The Arc of Monroe, every employee counts. And YOU may be just what we’re looking for.

We all need the support of others, but it takes an extraordinary person to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. As an employee with The Arc of Monroe, you’ll be one of those extraordinary people, making a difference with a career that is more than just a job.

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Trisha Wise is the HR Recruiter for The Arc of Monroe

What are you like as a person? What motivates you? What are you looking for in life? If you’re looking for a person-centered approach, based on “right-fit” hiring, let’s talk! Think of me as your “concierge”! In other words, lean on me as we explore options for your career at The Arc of Monroe. I’m ready to help you find a job you love!

How do you feel about your current job?
Are you in an “ok” job right now, but your heart is being pulled in a different direction? Perhaps you believe you may find joy, happiness, peace and satisfaction by finding a job that truly helps someone. Maybe you can find your passion by supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities?

Let’s just have a conversation.
Let’s talk about you and what you’re looking for in a job, or maybe a career. Do you believe in going the extra mile? Do you have a great personality? Let’s have a conversation about what motivates you and try to matching your interests and skills with an Arc of Monroe position.

What are we looking for?
A great job candidate isn’t just a piece of paper – it is a person who meets our core values. It’s about the person who gives me a vibe that they’re in it for right reasons. A paycheck is important, but we are looking for someone who has an internal motivation as well.

At a recent virtual job fair, I talked with a student who just wasn’t sure what direction to go in terms of a career. So, I offered to have her come in and chat with me. I’m happy to offer a bit of career counseling.

Even if you’re nervous, or have a fear of the unknown, come and chat with me. It’s about the right fit. If you’re interested in working in one of our residential houses, I want to help you find a fit where you can really shine. I’ll help you find a fit where you can grow in confidence in the job.

What will we ask you?
The Arc of Monroe is a human services agency that supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). So, I’ll want to know, why are you interested in this field? Why human services? What are you hoping to gain from accepting a job at The Arc of Monroe? I want to find out if we can offer you what we’re looking for. Why did you leave your last job? What weren’t you getting from your last job, especially if it wasn’t in human services?

Do you feel like you’re lacking experience?
Life happens. So even if you have been out of the workforce for a bit, let’s talk anyway. Volunteer experience means a lot to us, so don’t sell yourself short because you have been doing volunteer work. If it’s fulfilling to you, it matters to your community and to us.

Do you have shifts where I can make extra money?
Yes! We hire on call, per diem. We may have a job that can fill that void for you – something new and different. This can totally be unrelated to your full-time job – maybe this can give something fun, and can help fulfill you.

Is there room to grow?
Does career advancement sound appealing to you? Maybe you can start in one position with us, but then move into another roll. Maybe you’ll start in residential, but then move to day services. A solid direct support professional (DSP) can move into another job over time if you are motivated to grab that education, as is the case with so many of our positions.

What types of jobs are available?
We have a variety of work available – from residential or day services staff in our residential homes to assemblers and packagers, we may have a great fit for you. Or maybe you just need a change or a different pace. Let’s see if we have a fit!

Can we talk?
Sound like a plan? Text me now and let’s chat: (585) 353-9138.

We’ll believe in you, and we’ll care about you. You won’t just be placed somewhere and forgotten. From the very first phone call, we’re invested in you. We believe in the people we hire, and we want your job to be successful.

Trisha Wise is the Human Resources Recruiter at The Arc of Monroe. Call or text her at (585) 353-9138 to learn more!