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Being a Licensed Practical Nurse


My name is Nicole Miller and I’m a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). I’ve been a nurse with the Arc of Monroe for 6 1/2 years now. Right now I work at one of the residential homes, supporting the medical needs of the people who live there.

A Typical Day

Below is a list of activities I do as a nurse on an average day:

  • Pass medications
  • Run medical appointments
  • Communicate with Doctor’s offices medical needs of people we support
  • Order Medical Supplies and Medications
  • Attend meeting that pertain to the individuals I support
  • Attend Committee meetings that I am apart of
  • Communicate with House RN, Day Program RN, House Management and staff Medical Needs and Concerns

Job benefits

My job as a nurse is so rewarding. Knowing that you’re supporting someone and ensuring that their health and safety needs are being taken care of, and seeing the appreciation that they have for it.

I enjoy comforting someone when they don’t feel well, helping them through a tough appointment or diagnosis.

In addition, the job is very flexible. I previously worked 6a-2:30pm Mon-Fri for six years and just recently was able to change to 6a-4:30p Monday-Thursday. The Arc been extremely flexible with scheduling and time off.

You receive a generous amount of PTO so that you don’t burn out.

Having weekends and holidays off as a nurse is a tremendous perk of the job and not having to work nights/overnights.

Aspects I love about my job

It’s never the same thing day to day, your mornings may start the same but you’re out and about in the community with the people you support going to various places (doctor’s appointments, clinics, labs, then taking them to program). You’re not just in one place all day, and then next day will be something completely different.

There is always something new you can be involved with or help well. Opportunities to help other people we support or join new committees.

Strengths of an LPN

A Licensed Practical Nurse at the Arc of Monroe definitely needs to be kind, caring and compassionate.

Being self-driven is really important. You’re not always going to have someone there to direct you what you should be doing next. So you have to be organized as well to ensure that you are completing everything you need to. But know that you also have to ask for help when needed, and take direction from others when given.

You need to be understanding.  The people we support are going to have good and bad days and you have to learn how they cope with those bad days in order to support them. This goes for appointments too. Some of the people we support have a fear of the doctor’s office and need extra time and patience from us to get appointments and test completed.

Having good communication skills is key.  You need to be able to communicate with the Medical Team and Management Team at the residence and day programs and work with them to achieve a common goal which is providing the best care possible for the people we support.

Adapting to change is essential. You could plan your day out to go one way and then someone gets sick or needs to go to the doctors or hospital and then your plans for that day change.


Apply to be an LPN at the Arc of Monroe here.

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Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) at the Arc of Monroe’s residence in Penfield.