LifePrep@Naz college graduates and their experiences

Programs and Services

LifePrep@Naz (Nazareth College) is an employment readiness service that provides a college campus experience to its participants. It provides opportunities for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities to continue their education and development with peers in a college classroom setting.  Program participants participate in internships to build job skills, educational opportunities like auditing college classes, and the opportunity to be a part of all campus activities.

LifePrep students get to know Nazareth College student mentors who take them to lunch, classes and social events, along with opportunity to form relationships with campus staff and faculty.

We are so proud of our 2019 LifePrep graduates.  Read below as how the college program helped them grow and what they learned from their experiences.

Andrew Rosner

“I am proud of myself for accomplishing a lot of my goals.  I have become more independent and am going to a leadership conference for Best Buddies in Bloomington, Indiana.”

Austin Benson

“The accomplishment I am most proud of is learning to advocate for myself and how many friendships I have made.  I overcame fears of going to a Nazareth class and speaking in front of people.”

Jason Frank

“I learned how to be a part of a team, art skills, and the inspiration for the rest of my life.”

Jessica Gill

“The most important thing I learned here at LifePrep is how to become more independent, how to communicate better, and how to advocate for myself.  I have gained a lot of self-awareness.”

Justin Wade

“The most important things that I learned from coming here is to make new friendships, how to budget, and how to get a job.  I am definitely nervous to leave, and will miss all of my best friends, but I know I am ready to get a job.”

Kendall Long

“The most important thing I have learned while being here at LifePrep@Naz is how to work as a team.  I made a lot of new friends and it always felt great to chit-chat.  I know I am ready to leave because I am ready to get a job and finally make some money.”

Owen Pickett

“College made me get used to the idea of people thinking differently.  I was able to gain more job skills and learned things that I didn’t know before.  I got to really go to College.”


LifePrep@Naz is in partnership with the Arc of Monroe, Nazareth College and Victor Central School District.