Love Your Job! 3 Reasons I Love Working at The Arc of Monroe

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Love Your Job! 3 Reasons I Love Working at The Arc of Monroe

Do you love what you are doing? Do you want to love what you do? Then maybe a career at The Arc of Monroe is for you. Here are 3 reasons MCC Experience Program Manager Michelle Frisbee loves working at The Arc of Monroe.

Michelle is program manager for the MCC College Experience.

We Strive to Improve
I love that the mission and vision The Arc of Monroe is carried out and emphasized on a daily basis. The leadership team is always looking for ways to improve the lives on the individuals we support and are always willing to “find a way” even if it takes a lot of work. They also have learned that supporting their staff is just as important. I have worked for a few other agencies in the area, and I have truly felt appreciated since starting the job as a CSP (Community Support Specialist) and now a Program Manager.

Opportunities to Grow
I have learned that I have a voice in the program and in the agency. Having a voice means that there are always committees that you can be a part of. Management wants to hear opinions through emails, meetings, and now town hall meetings and they are always offering training to improve yourself.

I Love MCC Experience!
My favorite part is of course working with the individuals in the MCC Experience program! I love seeing their faces when they achieve a goal, complete something that they never thought they could do or realize that they are ready to move on to the next part of their life. I tell students to find a job where they are excited to get up in the morning and I’m lucky that I have found that for myself.

Ready to love what you do? Visit our list of job openings at or contact HR Recruiter Trisha Wise to learn more at or text (585) 353-9138.

Michelle Frisbee is the Program Manager for the MCC College Experience.