Love Your Job! 3 Reasons I Love Working at The Arc of Monroe

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Love Your Job! 3 Reasons I Love Working at The Arc of Monroe

Do you love what you are doing? Do you love what you do?

If not, perhaps a career at The Arc of Monroe is for you. Here are 3 of the reasons Manager Day Services Keeley Rice says working at The Arc of Monroe is so rewarding.

Keeley Rice is Manager Day Services.

I Feel Welcomed, Appreciated and Valued
In my 5 years of working at The Arc, I’ve met so many amazing people – both people supported and coworkers. The Mission and Vision of The Arc is something we, as an agency, strive to do each and every day. The Arc is a tight-knit community and promotes camaraderie not only within your team, but between different departments as well. Ever since I started here I’ve felt welcomed, appreciated, and valued. Having this recognition goes a long way and makes it easy coming to work each and every day. The Arc is a place where you feel supported and everyone wants to see everyone grow professionally and as a person. It’s a place that offers promotional opportunities to further advance your career and for me, confidence in the work I do.

I Have Opportunities for Growth
I’ve learned that not only the people we support learn from us, but we can learn from them. Since starting at The Arc, I’ve had 3 different promotional opportunities, each one teaching me so much. Some days and situations can be challenging but I’ve learned that these times are truly the times of growth. Each challenge I’ve had to face makes me more comfortable for the next time. I’ve always been the type of person to stay in my comfort zone. However, having these experiences and support within The Arc, I’ve gained such confidence both professionally and on a personal level. I’ve gained comfort in speaking up, making decisions, thinking outside the box, and implementing new ideas, all while not losing focus on the main reason I’m here – for the people I support. I’ve learned how much of a difference we make in people’s lives and how much they do in ours. I’ve learned that I’m capable of accomplishing just about anything I set my mind to and how important it is to have people supporting you along the way.

I’ve Built Lasting Relationships
My favorite part of this job is developing lasting relationships with the people I support and watching them grow. The look of excitement on their faces when they accomplish something they’ve worked so hard to achieve is priceless, especially knowing you played a key role in them being able to meet that milestone. It’s amazing to see their whole attitude change. They develop an “I can do it” mindset that is sustained for other goals (most of the time). In turn, watching these accomplishments motivates me to work harder to achieve goals I have for myself.

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Keeley Rice is Manager Day Services for The Arc of Monroe.