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As part of my interview I was taken to Community Arts Connections and met a person we support named Emily.  She was so excited to meet me that it brought tears to my eyes.  How many times have you had that happen at an interview?  I knew immediately that The Arc of Monroe was the perfect place for me to work.

Now every time I see Emily she runs up to me, smiling, and says hello.  It really tugs at my hearts strings and this is exactly why I am here, to support Emily and everyone else, in any way I can.

Working here I am engaging both my head and heart.  I get to do the professional work I enjoy doing, but also get to do meaningful work and make a difference in peoples’ lives.

This is a place where I get more than a paycheck.  I feel richly rewarded because I know I am making the organization successful and helping people at the same time.  You don’t always work in a job that makes you feel good, and we do so much good work here.

I am a very compassionate person, so our core value of Empathy resonates with me.  You must have empathy to work with people who have disabilities.  With corporate jobs something like that may not be important, but here at The Arc of Monroe it is.

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Karen Oliveri

Karen Oliveri

Karen Oliveri is the Chief Human Resources Officer at The Arc of Monroe.