Roc PrideAbility

Roc PrideAbility


My name is Dave, and I look forward to pride every year because I feel proud of who I am. Many years ago, it was hard for me to come out to my family. When I finally did, it took almost four months for them to accept me. During that time, there was nobody I could talk to about it and it felt weird. I was all alone. If there was someone I could talk to who was also going through what I went through, I wouldn’t have felt so alone. Being gay and having a disability made it especially hard to come out to my friends, family, and staff who support me.

Roc PrideAbility is a place where anyone with a disability can come and feel safe to talk about things that they might not feel comfortable bringing up, and be able to meet others who are going through the same thing. We want to create a community where we can confide in each other, and feel like we are part of the greater LGBTQIA+ community. We meet at the OutAlliance, 100 College Avenue in Rochester every month on the second Tuesday from 3:30-5pm.

Please join us for our open house on August 13 and September 10th during from 3:30-5pm. Anyone is welcome to join us and find out what we are all about. Refreshments will be provided. Please contact 585-643-0097  or email for more information.


Roc PrideAbility

Dave Becker

Dave Becker leads the Roc PrideAbility group.


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