HIPAA Privacy Policy & Corporate Compliance

HIPAA Privacy Policy

1 Designated Record Set
2 Staff Confidentiality of PHI
3 Minimum Necessary Standard
4 Minimum Necessary Standard in Non-Routine Situations
5 Disclosures of Protected Health Information for TPO
6 Privacy of Confidential HIV Information
7 Privacy of Mental Hygiene Information
8 Privacy of Psychotherapy Notes
9 Breach Notification Requirements
10 Access by People Served to PHI – All Workforce
11 Access by People Served to PHI – Staff Responsible for Records
12 Requests by People Served to Amend PHI – All Workforce
13 Requests by People Served to Amend PHI – Staff Resp for Record
14 Requests by People Served for Add. Protections – All Workforce
15 Requests by People Served for Add. Protections – Privacy Officer
16 Fundraising Activities – All Workforce
17 Fundraising Activities – Foundation
18 Use and Disclosure of PHI for Marketing – All Workforce
19 Use and Disclosure of PHI for Marketing – Foundation
20 Accounting of Disclosures – All Workforce
21 Accounting of Disclosures – Staff Responsible for Records
22 Privacy of Quality Assurance Records
23 Privacy of Rights of Minors
24 PHI and Email
25 Review of Notice of Privacy Practices
26 Notice of Privacy Practices
27 HIPAA and Business Associate Agreements
28 Privacy Officer Position Description
29 HIPAA Privacy Forms – PO Position Description
30 HIPAA Privacy Forms Access to PHI Forms
31 HIPAA Privacy Forms Accounting of Disclosures Forms
32 HIPAA Privacy Forms Additional Restrictions Form
33 HIPAA Privacy Forms Amendment of PHI Forms
34 HIPAA Confidential Communications Form
35 HIPAA Privacy Forms Confirmation of Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices
36 HIPAA Privacy Forms Confirmation of Receipt of Notice Spanish
37 HIPAA Fundraising Opt Out Form
38 HIPAA Privacy Forms Instructions For Completing the Individual Authorization Form
39 HIPAA Forms Individual Authorization
40 HIPAA Privacy Forms Marketing Authorization Form
41 HIPAA Privacy Forms Psychotherapy Note Authorization

Corporate Compliance

1 Corporate Compliance Plan
2 Corporate Compliance Policies
3 Board Resolution Regarding Corporate Compliance
4 Delegation of Substantial Discretionary Authority
5 Responsibilities of the Board of Directors Regarding Compliance
6 Communication of Compliance Activities to the Board of Directors
7 Compliance-Related Training and Communication
8 Code of Conduct
9 Background and Exclusion Checks
10 Criminal History Record Checks
11 NYS Child Register Checks
12 Professional Licensure and Certification Verification and Monitoring
13 Educational Background Verification
14 Anti-kickback
15 Inducement of People Served and Waiver of Co-Payments
16 Conflict of Interest
17 Staff performance, Incentives and Discipline
18 Preventive Risk Assessment and Annual Compliance Activity Planning
19 Agency-wide Service Delivery Standards
20 Medical/Clinical Necessity and Utilization Review
21 Accurate and Timely Documentation of Services
22 False Claims
23 Internal Monitoring & Auditing
24 Non-Compliance Detection and Response, and Confidential Communications
25 Classification of Compliance Concerns and Investigations
26 Risk Appetite Assessment of Compliance Matters
27 Unsupported Claims and Repayment/Financial Adjustments
28 Voluntary Disclosure and Self-reporting
29 Employee Response to Governmental Investigations
30 Contractual and Financial Arrangements with Physicians
31 Political Contributions and Lobbying
32 Vendor Management
33 New Government Initiatives related to Compliance
34 Auditing and Monitoring of the Corporate Compliance Plan
35 Document Management
36 Whistleblower Policy