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Community Involvement

By: Timothy Hannon & Britnaie Smith

On September 4, we went to a Welcome Back with SEGA college hour. During the college hour there was free brunch food, there were sunglasses to bring home that said, “My future’s so bright I gotta wear shades”.

On the first Friday of September, we went to an Underground Railroad reenactment that was put together by the A.M.E. Zion church. Then we took a walking tour with one of the reenactors
to find out about Rochester during the time of the Underground Railroad. On September 9, we went to the welcome picnic from SEGA where we were invited to join a new club on Downtown MCC

Our class took the RTS bus to the Seneca Park Zoo on September 13 and took a hike in a park nearby called Zoo Cascade & Zoo Falls. It was hard by fun, we saw some geese and dogs on the trial with us. Then we went back to the bus stop to catch the bus.

On September 11, we went to college hour to find out about the clubs at Downtown MCC. Some of us signed up for clubs and
people who were already in clubs, sat at information tables to answer questions.

Monroe Community College Clubs

On Friday, September 20, we learned about kitchen safety in the Flexlab and then we made crispy peanut butter balls with
oatmeal, peanut butter, crispy rice cereal, honey and vanilla extract. They were good!

Making peanut butter balls

On September 27 we took the RTS bus to the Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority (RGRTA) on East Main Street to see the RTS Orientation. We saw a presentation about how to navigate the RTS buses. We go every year for new students to learn about how to ride city buses safely.

Program Highlights

By: Vicki Arguinzoni & Tyrik Johnson

This month we interviewed Darrion. Darrion is one of the Arc students who is starting his first semester of the Pathways program. He told us that he would like to meet new people this month. He also likes to go to MCC and is enjoying going to his pathway class, COS133. He looks forward to meeting more new people this semester and doing his best in his Pathways class.

Next, we interviewed Vaughn. Vaughn is one of Greece’s job coaches. Vaughn said that he is enjoying meeting the new Greece students this semester and learning more about them. Vaughn is excited to start coaching the Greece JV Girls’ Basketball next month!

Last, we interviewed Holly. Holly is one of the Greece transition students. She said that she is happy to come back to MCC campus this semester. She is moving into a new house in Gates soon and is looking forward to it.


By: Dominic Palozzi & Xavier Scriven

This month we started our internships for the fall semester. Everyone in our program has an internship either on or off campus. We interviewed some Greece students and some Arc students to ask them about where they work and what skills they are working on in their internships. Odane is working in the Learning Commons and the Brighton Campus Bookstore this semester. He likes the Learning Commons because it’s a relaxing job. He has to make sure people sign in using the computer at his desk. He also gives directions and answers questions for people. At the Brighton Bookstore, he likes to help price items and stock shelves.

Tyler works at the CDS Spice Factory, Cameron Ministries and
Walgreens with the Greece job coach, Vaughn, Monday through Thursday. His favorite internship he goes to is CDS Spice Factory. Tyler helps package the spices by putting labels on the containers and putting the containers into boxes. He wears a special protective suit while he is there.

At Walgreens, Tyler helps sort inventory and while at Cameron Ministries, Tyler helps to sort donated clothes and make lunches to serve to the homeless.

Tori is working at the Brighton Bookstore too. She likes that
her supervisor makes lists of her tasks. She likes being able to move around on the job. Tori stocks items, prices things with the price gun, she helps fold clothes and put size labels on them. She will be working on the register later this semester!

Alex works at the MCC Downtown campus bookstore. He
works on the cash register and helps to clean the bookstore by vacuuming, straightening shelves and clothes. His favorite thing about working there is meeting and talking to new people.

MCC Experience

The people in the above bylines participate in MCC Experience, a campus-based college experience program.