Community Habilitation

Community Habilitation is an individualized service provided in a person’s home or in the community. This service supports people in becoming as independent as possible by building daily living skills.

Skills learned through this program include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Maintaining a home (doing laundry, cleaning around the house)
  • Learning public transportation
  • Learning about community resources

This service also provides group activities like cooking and fitness classes that help build social skills and peer collaboration.

 How it Works:

  • Work with an MSC to define goals and submit intake forms
  • Get approval through OPWDD for weekly hours allotment (if not already approved)
  • Develop a service plan based on goals

 Quick Facts:

  • Great option for people looking to build social skills in the community
  • Group and one-on-one services available 7 days a week
  • Group sessions include up to four people
  • One-on-one sessions take place at a person’s home or in the community
  • Must be OPWDD and Medicaid eligible


To learn more about this service, contact the Community Outreach Coordinator at (585) 672-2222.