Project SEARCH®

Project SEARCH®  is a business-led internship service that teaches participants relevant, marketable employment skills while immersing them in a community business environment.

People receive education on employability skills and hands-on experience in various departments at the host business. Teachers, skills-training, and department managers work together to provide people with all the support and accommodations they need for success.

Students who have not yet graduated from high school have the opportunity for placement at either URMC or the City of Rochester.

People over 21 years of age can participate with the DelMonte Hotel Group.


Be prepared for individualized community employment.

Quick Facts:

  • One year program
  • Includes two to four 8-10 week training internships in various business departments
  • Includes travel training


To learn more about Project SEARCH® , contact the Job Path Enrollment and Development Manager at (585) 256-7330, x2534.