37 years at the Arc of Monroe

Staff Perspectives

Pam Furr is a wealth of knowledge having worn many hats over the 37 years she’s worked for the Arc of Monroe. This means she has seen the agency grow over time, along with the people we support.  She truly admires the mission of the agency and how it serves our community.

In her very first position in the Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation department she met a lot of people and enjoyed how they would often stop by to say hello. Her small department had fun and laughed a lot.

Over the years Pam has enjoyed her colleagues, supervisors, and teams she has worked on. They have pushed her, challenged her and encouraged her. Pam further explains, “People I worked with saw things in me that I didn’t know were there.”

Pam moved into Administration to become Assistant to the Executive Director, and then Executive Assistant. She enjoys learning new things and is always asking questions. She has built strong professional and personal relationships with the people she works with.  If there’s something you don’t know ask Pam, she’ll likely have the answer for you, and if she doesn’t she’ll get you the answer!



Pam Furr

Pam Furr is an Executive Assistant at the Arc of Monroe. She began her career in 1982 and is celebrating 37 years with the agency.