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Mike celebrates a 35-year career

Staff Perspectives

Mike Jennison is celebrating 35 years with the Arc of Monroe! He began his career as a Maintenance Technician for nine houses after which he moved into our facilities department as Manager, and is now Project Manager.

His main focus is fire and safety issues, certifications, and OFPC audits, visiting all the houses and day programs to make sure everyone is compliant.

Beyond the above he manages renovations and preservation at all locations across the agency.

The agency has seen his kids grown up and now grandkids. Colleagues and supervisors have always supported him during the hard times.  Mike describes the Arc as “a family organization.”

Outside of work Mike and his wife enjoy working out, hiking, and spending time outdoors.

Mike loves the people we support, interacting with them. He comments, “I do something different every day. It’s always something new. It’s satisfying and I’m good at it.”

Staff photo

Mike Jennison

Mike Jennison is the Project Manager for the Arc of Monroe.


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