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Celebrating 22 years at the Arc of Monroe

Staff Perspectives

Kristina knew in eighth grade that she wanted to be a Physical Therapist!  She volunteered in the PT departments at children’s hospitals while in high school to learn as much as she could.  10 years later she graduated from college with a degree and we are lucky to have her on staff at the Arc of Monroe.

Kristina started her career as a Physical Therapist at Rochester Rehab.  When the Arc of Monroe decided to offer physical therapy on-site she took that opportunity and managed the launch of that service, splitting her time between the clinic and day services.

Kristina Brown is currently the Supervisor of Medical Services in the Article 16 Clinic and has been with the Arc of Monroe for 22 years (or 25 if you could the three years of contract work she did before being hired on full time).

A few years ago when Kristina fractured her knee and wrist she figured out how to work through it and didn’t miss a day of work!  She used every amount of her PT knowledge to be independent again.

What keeps her here

Kristina loves the people she supports.  She also adores her interns from Nazareth College, Ithaca College and D’Youville. Her Physical Therapy students keep her on her toes, never letting her get bored, and always challenging her, make it all worthwhile.

Additionally, she’s had great supervisors throughout the time she’s been at the Arc. They support her in every aspect of what she does. “Everyone is here to help. Everyone is here for a real reason,” lends Kristina.

Why the Arc of Monroe

Says Kristina,”We have a true team in the clinic. We work in consort with our whole health team.  Collaboration is enormous. We offer the total package of treating someone with a disability, working towards overall quality of life.”


physical therapy

Kristina Brown, Supervisor of Medical Services

Kristina Brown has been a Physical Therapist for 42 years, 22 years spent at The Arc. Her expertise is in Neuro, Developmental Disabilities.  Kristina was a co-recipient of the 2017 Robert and Winifred Wagner Award. She enjoys walking and lifts weights daily.