Staying healthy this holiday season


Arc Alive, our wellness committee, offers ways to stay healthy and well during the holiday season.

Find time for fitness

FITON is free app that I downloaded on my phone and it has access to so many workouts, stretches and simple exercises- and did I mention it’s free?!

The best part is you can chose the amount of time you have to exercise (the first one I did was only 10 minutes), the type of workout and your level of intensity.  You can pull the workout video on your phone and instantly have a great trainer encouraging you along. It’s quick to access, simple to follow, and free!

Shared by Megan Alchowiak, Director of Development with the Arc Foundation.

Maintain a routine

I teach cycling classes at the RAC for Women in Greece every Tuesday and Wednesday. Maintaining teaching schedule helps me to keep moving.

Shared by Megan Pask, Senior Director of Programs and Services at the Arc of Monroe.

Cheap/Free fitness options

Get social

  • Grab a friend and chat while taking a walk or run.
  • Join a yoga class with your bestie and enjoy a healthy meal after.

Making it fun and convenient can make all the difference.