ArcWorks' Daylite Program

Success at Daylite, ArcWorks

Programs and Services

If you haven’t heard, ArcWorks is now an integrated business, hiring both people with and without disabilities.  Part of the ArcWorks experience is participating in a group called Daylite.  Daylite provides service learning/volunteer experiences as a stepping stone for people who will eventually move on to community employment.  Daylite focuses on team building, job skills training, confidence building, self-advocacy, and making friends.

Volunteering helps with employment skills and provides a variety of experiences. There are currently three Daylite groups that volunteer at places such as Unity Hospital, Ogden Senior Center and Ronald McDonald House.   “We offer different learning opportunities and places to go to find that spark.  We try to find something that interests them; something they connect with,” explains Sherry Murphy, Daylite Program Manager.

ArcWorks' Daylite Program


ArcWorks is the perfect place for people who want to move into competitive employment.  There are people at ArcWorks who have built enough skills to move on to other Arc of Monroe services like Job Path or Adult Project Search, or they move on to employment outside of the Arc.

A trip to Subway

One of the Daylite groups went to Subway for lunch.  They did much more than just eat.  They learned about how to use the bus system to get to the restaurant; money management skills; nutritional information; community safety; responsibility; social skills, and so much more.  Something as simple as grabbing a meal can also be a learning experience.

Success stories

“John” had a job but did not succeed due to lack of supports.  He enrolled at ArcWorks, and through Daylite, gained the skills and confidence to move on to our Adult Project SEARCH program.  He is now a Project SEARCH graduate and was hired by the Rochester Airport Marriott. He’s been working there for three years!

Another person came to ArcWorks with a desire to work, but had low attendance and needed assistance with hygiene.  With support from Daylite he overcame these obstacles because he wanted a job so badly.  He also graduated from Job Path’s Adult Project SEARCH program and has worked for the Rochester Airport Marriott for two years.

There were two female friends who joined ArcWorks with no goal of future employment or moving out on their own. The self-advocacy taught through Daylite helped spark their decision to get their own apartment.

In conclusion

ArcWorks and the Daylite program provide learning through a variety of hands-on experiences to those with and without disabilities.  Our ultimate goal is for people to build job skills and move on to other employment in the community.  The Arc of Monroe is here to help people build a strong foundation and launch them into a successful future.