SUNY Brockport Student Reflects on his Marketing and Communication Internship

Staff Perspectives

Gavin Ellis, a SUNY Brockport student majoring in journalism and broadcasting with a focus in public relations, interned this spring at The Arc of Monroe. Here he shares what he learned and reflects on some of his most notable experiences at The Arc.

As my time as an intern at The Arc of Monroe is coming to an end, it is important to take a step back and reflect on all of the wonderful experiences that I was able to be a part of, while also discussing some of the amazing individuals that I had an opportunity to meet.

One of the most exciting projects that I was able to work on while interning at The Arc of Monroe included writing blog posts for the ongoing blog series, “Love Your Job! 3 Reasons Why Employees Love Working at The Arc of Monroe.”

Writing these blogs not only allowed for me to grow my journalism skills, but I was also able to learn a great deal about the organization and how the staff works together in different departments. By working together, the staff is able to ensure the individuals they support get the best possible resources.

I was also lucky enough to tour the ArcWorks facility where I was able to see how this world-class manufacturing facility employs the individuals we support. While at ArcWorks, I had the opportunity to interview one of their most outgoing employees, Ruth Roberts. Roberts is a very kind hearted person who focuses on helping individuals in need whenever possible, even going as far as buying backpacks for the homeless with her spare money. This experience was very eye-opening for me, not only to further develop my journalism skills, but because I was able to shine light on all the efforts that Ruth has done.

Over the past 15 weeks working as a marketing and communication intern, I have been entrusted with many different responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities included revamping The Arc of Monroe’s Community resource page along with the Arc Affiliations page. This project allowed for me to build on my previous knowledge of WordPress, as I had to reach out to multiple organizations to receive their updated logo and contact information, which would then be added to The Arc of Monroe’s website.

The employees at The Arc of Monroe are very helpful and engaging. Throughout my internship, I had the opportunity to meet many great individuals and learn about all the work they have done. For example, while I was working on inventory for The Arc history project, I had the opportunity to meet with Pete Dancer, Vice President for Quality and Compliance, at The Arc.

Dancer was able to ease some of the stress that I had regarding dates for specific documents as he has an extensive knowledge regarding the individuals we support and the events The Arc has been a part of. Witnessing Dancer’s excitement when seeing some of the old photos of individuals we support was very eye-opening as it shows that not only is he very passionate about his work, but he has been able to create long-lasting memories.

This experience at The Arc of Monroe has been very beneficial in many ways. Over the past few months, I have been able to learn and apply many valuable skills such as working with InDesign to create a flyer, working with WordPress to update The Arc’s website, and advancing my writing and interviewing skills through blog posts. This internship opportunity is highly recommended to anyone who wants to pursue a career in Marketing and Public Relations as the tools learned here can be easily transferable to any industry.

Personally, I would like to thank all the individuals who have helped me at The Arc of Monroe, especially Christen Smith, Tracy Crosby, Kim Lombardo, and Jessica Blondell for allowing me to transition into the Marketing and Communications department hassle free.