Support Services

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Service Coordination

Our experienced team of service coordinators will help guide you through the wide array of state programs and local services offered to people with developmental or intellectual disabilities.  They will ensure that you make informed decisions in areas such as housing, benefits, and health care, while acting as an advocate and a critical support to you and your family.  For more information, call 585-286-9607 .

Mom and Dad knew they had to leave Iraq the day the bombs scared their son, Majdi, so much that he no longer wanted to go outside. Life in Iraq was hard, his father says. “For Majdi, there was no school, no services and no hope.” Today, Majdi attends an Arc day program and volunteers in the community. The agency has also connected Majdi and his family with other services through his Arc service coordinator.

– Majdi Ashour

Community Habilitation

Our Community Habilitation program is for those living at home or independently and need some assistance to remain as independent as possible.  Services include mobility training, personal health care, and arranging medical appointments.  Our highly-trained staff currently supports 50 people of all ages.  For more information, call 585-286-9607 .


When a New York State resident turns 18, they are considered legally competent to manage his or her own affairs.  The Arc’s Guardianship program will serve as an advocate for people who need assistance with major life decisions.  Our dedicated guardianship coordinators and committee members ensure your voice is heard on matters large and small.

In addition, the Arc offers standby guardianship for families who will need a successor in the future.  For more information, call 585-271-0660 .

More than 50 years after coming to America by boat from Barbados, Evelyn Lashley became a U.S. citizen. In a moving ceremony at the Monroe County Office Building, Evelyn received her citizenship papers at age 81. Evelyn, who lives in the Arc’s Nine Mile Point Road home, became an American citizen thanks to Beth Deacon, Arc guardianship coordinator. “Her residency card was expiring every few years, so I thought why not get her citizenship and make her feel like she really belongs,” said Beth.

– Evelyn Lashley


People 18 years of age or older who live with a family member are able to participate in a wide range of activities that help foster independence.  Activities include community festivals, day trips, sporting events, theme parks, educational experiences, dances and social mixers.  For more information, call 585-286-9607 .

Family Cash Reimbursement

The Arc offers families and people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities the opportunity to apply for special, one-time cash assistance for special services needed.  Examples include wheelchair ramps, medications, transportation, lessons or classes and adaptive equipment.  For more information, call 585-271-0660, ext. 1569.

My Time Providers

My Time Providers (formerly Special Sitters) matches families with trained care providers.  Our team of providers are 16 years of age and older and have received extensive, specialized training.  The rates are very reasonable and in some cases may be covered by the Arc’s Family Reimbursement program.  Everyone deserves respite from the sometimes overwhelming rigors of caregiving, and My Time Providers can help.  Interested in learning more, call 585-271-0660 ext. 2465 .

My Time Provider Program Application

My Time Provider Family Application

My Time Providers Information

“My Time Providers allows me to spend time away from the home, knowing that my child is safe and being cared for by a trained care provider.”

Community Resource Connection

Our specially-trained staff will help you access our community’s resources.  Funded by a United Way grant, the program serves as a critical bridge for those in need of immediate assistance.  We can assist you in obtaining OPWDD eligibility for serves and with applying for Medicaid.  We will ensure not only that your basic short-term needs are met, but that long-term issues are addressed as well.  For more information, call 585-286-9607 .

Behavioral Support

The Arc provides personalized behavioral support services to meet the needs of your family member.  Through careful assessment and in conjunction with the person supported, we will help you develop an individualized plan and provide you with ongoing support and counsel.    For more information, call 585-286-9607 .

Five years ago, Judy was struggling mightily. She decided she wanted to turn her life around and realized she needed help from others to make the necessary changes. Today, Judy is thriving. She socializes regularly with her peers. She takes music lessons and showcases her art work at local shows. Once fearful of travel, she is working with her circle of support to begin planning vacations. In the words of her mother, “I never thought I would see my daughter so independent and happy.”

– Judy Metzger

Parent Transition Meetings

As one Arc parent said recently, “Knowledge is power, the power to help your child.”  Learn more about topics like transportation resources, good dental care, new social opportunities, and the latest adaptive technology, through informal presentations by Arc staff and guest speakers.  You’ll also have the opportunity to meet other families and peers.  Presentations are held regularly at the Arc’s James V.C. and Anita Lambert Enrichment Campus.

Check out our events page for more information.

Roc Your Flight

With the Arc of Monroe, the sky’s the limit!  ROC Your Flight prepares people with developmental or intellectual disabilities and their families for flying.  You’ll practice checking in, going through security, boarding the plane, collecting your baggage and more.  Flying can be stressful, but ROC Your Flight makes it fun.  All training sessions are free.  For more information, call 585-271-0660 x2539 .