Job Path eases way for people with disabilities

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Home / Today’s Top Stories / Job Path eases way for people with disabilities By: Velvet Spicer February 22, 2019 At 21, Marcus Sample is well on his way to realizing a dream of culinary entrepreneurship, a result of connections made through Job Path, a division of the Arc of Monroe that he otherwise might not have made. Marcus Sample “Job path was suggested by my mom because a lot of the interviews I went to I had trouble setting up myself in a presentable way for them,” Sample explained. “I had a really tough time trying to go into the interviews with a positive …

Dementia and the benefits of music enrichment

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If you find the below article useful please consider making a donation so we can create more.   A quick google search can bring you any number of articles, stories, or videos about how music can and does benefit people across all populations, not excluding those who are aging or who have disabilities like those we support here at the Arc. The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America says that, “When used appropriately, music can shift mood, manage stress-induced agitation, stimulate positive interactions, facilitate cognitive function and coordinate motor movements.” states “It can be relaxing, spark certain feelings and increase quality of life. …

Autism and aging

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If you find the below article useful please consider making a donation so we can create more.   The number of people with autism who are entering elderhood is rising dramatically.  Much of the research to date on autism has been focused on children, not on older adults.  As the number of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are on the autism spectrum increase, we as professionals supporting them need to be aware of what is happening to them so we can assist them in leading their best life. REMEMBER:  as all of us age, we become more of …

A good job

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Meet Mike Kirchoff who started his job at ArcWorks, a division of the Arc of Monroe, twenty years ago.  ArcWorks is the contract manufacturing facility on Lyell Avenue in Rochester, NY. A typical day Mike works on the operations floor in assembly.  He works full time Monday through Friday.  A typical day starts at 8:30a when he arrives on the operations floor.  He is hands-on until 10a when he joins a group of colleagues who volunteer locally, cook together, or visit a park.  Mike is back out on the floor after lunch from 12:30 to 3:30. Recently ArcWorks was contracted to …

Delaina Fico

Autism and Mental Health: Dual Diagnosis

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If you find the below article useful please consider making a donation so we can create more.   Click here for information about Autism (ADOS) Testing in our Article 16 Clinic. JR is 28 years old. He lives with his mother and younger brother, has a part time janitorial job at the local YMCA.  He loves “girls”, watching YouTube videos, and following March Madness. After graduating high school, he gained volunteer experience and vocational training. He stays home two days per week so that he can have enough time to attend his appointments and volunteer with Meals on Wheels. JR …

Marcus, Employment and NDEAM

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In honor of  NDEAM (National Disability Employment Awareness Month) we introduce Marcus who is employed at Hart’s Local Grocers in Rochester, NY. What is NDEAM? NDEAM celebrates the contributions of workers with disabilities and educates about the value of a workforce inclusive of their skills and talents. On the job On his first day of work Marcus remarks that everyone at Hart’s was very welcoming and says they treat him like family. A Job Coach or Employment Specialist, like Ashley, from Job Path will help with job hunting, resume writing, and interview skills.  Ashley helped Marcus find a job that …

Autism: Gifts and Challenges of Living on the Spectrum


If you find the below article useful please consider making a donation so we can create more.   I am an adult who is on the Autism Spectrum. I was diagnosed with autism when I was three years old and I have had thirty years experience of living with this condition. From what I know about living with autism it has its ups and downs. First, I will tell you about the gifts I feel I have because I have autism. Then I will tell you about the challenges of living with autism. Eight Gifts of Living with Autism Outstanding …

Community Arts Connection

Launching a New Service

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It is not every day that you get to be a part of the launch of a brand new service but here at Community Arts Connections (CAC) I have been lucky enough to be part of the process twice. The first was in the summer of 2012 when Community Connections was launched to fill the upstairs space at 985 Elmwood Avenue. The second was April 23rd, with the first day of the aptly named “Encore”. Encore is a respite service, a wraparound program for socialization and leisure; and while I believe the initial seven people who joined us yesterday experienced …

Amy Albanese

Adults with Autism

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Amy Albanese, Community Resource Specialist, earned her Autism Certification from the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards.  The certification training program covered topics such as early intervention, living with autism, and acceptance.  Below are her key takeaways from a presentation by Kerry Magro, Autism Advocate. “What Happens to Children with Autism When They Become Adults” by Kerry Magro Kerry Mangro didn’t speak until he was two-years old and was eventually diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  His parents were his biggest advocates and focused on what they could do to help him.  After 15 years of occupational, physical …