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Completely by happenstance in college Michelle Bubel-Kempa had an internship in the human services field and fell in love with it.  She went on to graduate from college with a degree in human services. Started began her career as a Direct Support Professional and was involved in opening Ward Hill and also worked at Clover Hills when that opened. Based on experience she was promoted to Residence Manager soon thereafter. Career opportunity and advancement Her next step was to transition to the Recreation Department in Lambert.  It was in this position that she gained a lot of skills and confidence …

ArcWorks Open Interviews

Build your career at ArcWorks. Stop by Open Interviews to learn about our opportunities. We are hiring for the following positions: Manufacturing Engineering Technician Production Control Coordinator Production Inventory Clerk Production Group Leader Applicants must have valid NYS Driver’s License Apply Now! Find out more about ArcWorks.

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Being a Licensed Practical Nurse


My name is Nicole Miller and I’m a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). I’ve been a nurse with the Arc of Monroe for 6 1/2 years now. Right now I work at one of the residential homes, supporting the medical needs of the people who live there. A Typical Day Below is a list of activities I do as a nurse on an average day: Pass medications Run medical appointments Communicate with Doctor’s offices medical needs of people we support Order Medical Supplies and Medications Attend meeting that pertain to the individuals I support Attend Committee meetings that I am apart …

Right fit hiring


If you find the below article useful please consider making a donation so we can create more. What is right fit hiring? Right fit hiring is a tool to help with employee retention. Hiring well, selecting the right person for the right job helps with retention.  The key principles are: fit for the organization, fit for the team, and fit for the job. How does the process work? Human Resources interviews for fit within the organization. We use behavioral based questions based on our values to see if the candidate would be a good fit in our organization. Those candidates …

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Interview with a Direct Support Professional


Ever wondered what Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) do?  Check out my interview with Kierstin Fuentes about her career as a DSP. How many years have you been a DSP at the Arc of Monroe? Kierstin: I have been a DSP for the Arc for almost 2 years. What are your typical days/hours of work? Kierstin: My typical hours of work are 7:30am-4pm. What are your duties as a DSP? Kierstin: My duties as a DSP are to help the people I support achieve their goals on a daily basis. What does a typical day look like? Kierstin: My typical day …

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Job hunting advice from a recruiter


As a Recruiter for the Arc of Monroe I meet with a lot of candidates for employment.  I spend a lot of time explaining the many great services the Arc provides and discussing how the candidate’s goals match up with what we look for in an employee. If you’re a new college grad or just looking for a new opportunity I’ve got some tips that can help you find that dream job. Where to start There are so many online resources you can use to research businesses of interest, jobs offered and salaries that go along with specific positions.  Check …

Melody Johnson

Being a leader doesn’t require a title


Career advancement For employees that are looking to learn and grow in their leadership, the Arc of Monroe offers a variety of development opportunities.  These opportunities range from self-initiated learning to full credential and professional development programs.  Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and Front Line Supervisors (FLSs) can take number of elective class options through our online learning system, Relias.  These modules expand well beyond the information shared in new hire orientation and include new information and trending approaches to the field. Professional development Additionally, Direct Support Professionals and Front Line Supervisors are encouraged to take part in one of the …

Job Path eases way for people with disabilities

Programs and Services

Home / Today’s Top Stories / Job Path eases way for people with disabilities By: Velvet Spicer February 22, 2019 At 21, Marcus Sample is well on his way to realizing a dream of culinary entrepreneurship, a result of connections made through Job Path, a division of the Arc of Monroe that he otherwise might not have made. Marcus Sample “Job path was suggested by my mom because a lot of the interviews I went to I had trouble setting up myself in a presentable way for them,” Sample explained. “I had a really tough time trying to go into the interviews with a positive …

Ben Ibezim

A Career of Excellence


Congratulations to Ben Ibezim for winning the Arc New York 2018 Thomas A. Maul Direct Support Professional Excellence Award!  The Arc of Monroe is so proud to have Ben Ibezim as part of our team for over 20 years.  He began his career as a Direct Support Professional and was quickly promoted to Assistant Manager.  He has been in his current role as Residence Manager for 15 years. Melody Johnson, Director of Educational & Professional Development says, “Ben shares his passion for work with others. He mentors people to understand the purpose of their work, being more than just a job. …