Professional Development at NADSP Conference

Staff Perspectives

I just got back from St. Louis where I was fortunate enough to attend the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP) conference for professional development. There were many great presentations, new connections made, but mostly importantly, validation. Validation for who I am as a DSP, the work I do, and why I do the work I do. I came to the realization that while progress feels slow here in NY, it’s actually a lot more progressive than other states.  This was frightening to me. I realize that you can’t “know” better if you don’t learn better, and more importantly, …

Karen Oliveri

Meaningful Work

Staff Perspectives

As part of my interview I was taken to Community Arts Connections and met a person we support named Emily.  She was so excited to meet me that it brought tears to my eyes.  How many times have you had that happen at an interview?  I knew immediately that The Arc of Monroe was the perfect place for me to work. Now every time I see Emily she runs up to me, smiling, and says hello.  It really tugs at my hearts strings and this is exactly why I am here, to support Emily and everyone else, in any way …

Alison Cundy

Top 10 Benefits of Working at the Arc of Monroe

Staff Perspectives

When I came to work for the Arc of Monroe I had no idea I was signing up for more than a job.  I find that there is so much more offered than just a paycheck.  Below are my own personal Top 10 benefits of working here. Top 10 Benefits: 10.  People who genuinely care and want to help each other Everyone who works at the Arc is here for a similar reason; we want to help people.  We are a caring, empathetic, compassionate group of people who want to make our Rochester community a better place.  I am grateful …

A Career in Care and Compassion

Staff Perspectives

Sheila Parson is a Direct Support Professional (DSP), her career of nine years.  When asked how she became a DSP she said, “I worked in this field when I was a teenager and decided to get back in the fields. I love to help others in need.” Being a DSP is hard work and there are definitely rough days, like any other job.  To get through tough times Sheila says, “I take time out for myself.  It takes a good team to make the rough edges smooth.  When I hear the people I support tell me that that I’m a …

Making An Impact As a Direct Support Professional

Staff Perspectives

Tempest has been a Direct Support Professional at the Arc of Monroe for over a year and shared an inspirational story about a gentleman she worked with, and how this experience helped mold her life and ultimately her career. “I worked with a gentleman for over a year. His most effective way of communicating was by using sign language. I was out sick for almost a week and when I returned he came to me and gave me a hug and verbally said my name. It put the biggest smile on my face and it made me so happy because …