Chronic Pain and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD)

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Studies have shown that pain has long been recognized to have a negative effect on emotional status, ability to work, social activities, interpersonal relationships, and functional ability and leads to the increased utilization of healthcare services. I chose this topic because it is personal to me. I have bone-on-bone arthritis in my hip, and my quality of life has been greatly effected because the pain is exhausting.  With that said, I am lucky because I have the tools to either ask for help or get help myself. Can you imagine having chronic pain and not being able to express your …

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Free Medicaid program: Health Homes

Programs and Services

What is Health Homes? The name is very deceiving. It should be called ‘Care Management’ because that’s what a Health Home does. It provides members with a Care Manager who assists them with working to get the care and services they need to stay healthy.  Everyone needs different things to help with this, and that’s part of what makes Health Homes so exciting.  Care Managers work together with members to focus on what the person’s needs are and tailor the care management services to them. How do you know if Health Homes is for you or a loved one? First, …