Rallying to support direct support Direct Support Professionals #bfair2DirectCare


Speech given by Nicholas Wager, Direct Support Professional at The Arc of Monroe, at the #bFair2DirectCare Rally held on March 8th, 2019. “I would like to thank everyone for being here – our New York State elected officials, those who organized this rally, fellow Direct Support Professionals, and most importantly the people that we support. My name is Nick Wagar, and I am a direct support professional at The Arc of Monroe. I became interested in this field when I was working as a manager at the Dollar Tree. You see, people would come into the store almost daily, and …


What is the #bFair2DirectCare initiative?


A Message from The President/ CEO of The Arc of Monroe, Barbara Wale For nearly eight years, non-profit agencies which serve New Yorkers with developmental disabilities went without a funding increase. To address this issue, #bFair2DirectCare formed and waged a statewide educational campaign to win funding for a living wage, phased in over six years. In 2017, Governor Cuomo made the commitment to a six year plan for the state to provide an increase in wages for direct support professionals. When fully implemented, the living wage for a DSP would be roughly $16.40/hour upstate. The first two years of the plan were …

A living wage for Direct Support Professionals


Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) provide around-the-clock care to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They are professionals who are highly trained in a wide variety of critical areas that include administering medications, giving first aid and CPR, de-escalating dangerous situations, behavioral intervention, and providing for the safety of those they support. Despite the high demands of this job, these dedicated staff do not earn a living wage. Direct Support Professionals make between $10 and $13 per hour. The living wage in New York State is $15.44. What is a living wage? Families and individuals working in low-wage jobs make insufficient …