The Arc of Monroe’s Tuition Reimbursement Advanced Ashley Bardeen’s Career

Employment, Staff Perspectives

By Ashley Bardeen, Residential Supervisor

When I started at the Arc of Monroe, I was told about the tuition reimbursement program in orientation. At the time, I didn’t think anything of it because I was not interested in going back to college. Hired as a direct support professional at one of the residential sites, I made my way up to a residential supervisor after one year, remembering opportunity is always there. Becoming a supervisor was a big step for me with a lot more responsibility, but I was ready for a challenge.

After being a supervisor for four years and with COVID striking us, I decided that I wanted to further my career, which would also help me increase my financial status. I contacted human resources – initially forgetting about the tuition reimbursement benefits I learned about in New Hire Orientation – to see if there was anything that they could do to help me get back into college and get my degree. They said yes and proceeded to give me the instructions about what to do and what the guidelines were to be eligible for a tuition reimbursement.

Thinking they would only pay for half, which is better than nothing, I was proved wrong. With a passing grade, a sign off from my manager, going to school for something related to work, and paying my tuition beforehand, I was eligible for the reimbursement at the end of each semester. I took only one class per semester – two semesters per year – so The Arc paid my full tuition. I’m thankful that The Arc of Monroe has given me another opportunity to better myself along this crazy thing we call life.


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