Travis & PrimeTime585


Our Celebrity Dancer PrimeTime585 was born in Jamaica and migrated here at 10 years old. This dancer is a proud graduate of the Rochester City School District and holds a special place in her heart for students living in the city. As an engineer, this dancer started the Baden Street Settlement Pre-Engineering Program, intended to expose more black and brown kids to STEM, where students go on to attend colleges like RPI, Clarkson, and RIT. Today, she works with student athletes across communities who are empowered and inspired to come together as catalysts for positive change through PrimeTime585.

Our The Arc of Monroe Dancer Travis Pulver loves to sing! When it comes to musical bands, his favorite group is the one and only One Direction! What's his favorite dance move? It's the shoulder shimmy. And this dancer loves some pizza and wings. This dancer's favorite sports team makes us want to shout! It's the Buffalo Bills! When this dancer isn't at program, he loves to play basketball and football.