Behavior Support is available to people receiving services in an Arc residential or day habilitation program. We help people have the best possible behavioral health, which may include helping them learn skills to better manage their behaviors in a variety of settings, (i.e., community, day site, or home).
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About the Service:

The Arc personalizes Behavioral Support Services to specifically meet the needs of each person. Through careful assessment, and in conjunction with the person supported, we develop an individualized plan that incorporates positive strategies and the least restrictive options for the staff to use. We utilize functional behavioral assessments to address underlying issues. If medications are part of the plan, guidelines are incorporated to ensure we appropriately monitor and report symptoms and progress.


Must be OPWDD eligible

Must be currently receiving Day Hab or Residential Services

To learn more about this service, contact the Director for Behavior Support at (585) 271-0660 x 1405 or fill out the form below.

Quick Facts

Support plans are routinely reviewed and updated to reflect progress or additional support needs

Goal of the program is for the person to become as independent as possible.

The behavior support staff receive clinical supervision under a NYS Licensed Psychologist


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