Our day service offerings give people opportunities to learn new skills, build lasting friendships and give back to their community.

At Community Connections, we spend half of the day volunteering in the community to build social dexterity and on-the-job skills, and the remainder of the day learning responsibilities and expectations in a team-based environment.

About Community Connections

Community Connections day program offers meaningful and of interest volunteer work to the people they support. Through these opportunities, the program offers the ability to gain independence within the community and be evaluated by an Employment Specialist, which will help them achieve their vocational goals in the future. The program also offers a wide range of vocational training within the curriculum which includes, help with resume writing, improving social skills, increasing interpersonal skills within the work place and interviewing techniques.


Arc Intake and enrollment process

Active Medicaid

Must be OPWDD Eligible

To learn more about this service, contact the Community Outreach Coordinator at (585) 672-2222 or fill out the form below.


Community Connections meets at the Lambert Campus at 2657 West Henrietta Road, Rochester, NY 14623

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