The Arc of Monroe provides guardianship services to those adults, 18-years-and-older, who do not have somebody who can fulfill the role.

The Arc’s Guardianship Advocates become a part of a person’s life, listening to their wishes and needs, and supporting them with decision-making in the areas of medical care, finances, personal life decisions and many other areas.


About the Guardianship Program

There are situations where a person or their family may need support in establishing Legal Guardianship. They may need support with a family member becoming legal guardian or it may be seeking corporate legal guardianship for someone who has a need for Guardianship but does not have anyone who is able to fulfill that role for them. While the Guardianship Program is unable to provide legal assistance with this process, the program staff can provide some direction, as well as referrals to assist in initiating this process. Guardianship will only be considered when other less restrictive options have been explored.

The Arc of Monroe Advocates become a part of the person’s life, always considering the personal wishes, preferences and beliefs that will afford each individual the greatest amount of independence and participating in decisions affecting their lives.

The program seeks to ensure that the needs of every person for whom The Arc New York is guardian are addressed in the least restrictive environment, and to promote individuality, dignity and self- worth. The Arc’s advocates and volunteers become a part of a person’s life, developing a relationship of trust and listening to their needs, and supporting important decisions in their life.

Quick Facts

There are two types of guardianship:
1). Primary – for those who need assistance right now.
2). Standby/Alternative Standby – for those who need a successor in the future.

Guardianship support is provided for all appropriate areas of a person’s life where support may be needed. Guardianship services are administered by Guardianship Advocates who work with a dedicated committee of volunteers.

For more information about the guardianship services or to become a guardianship volunteer, call (585) 271-0660 and choose extension 1400 for Terri Lazeski or extension 1401 for Dana Marrer. You many also fill out the form below.


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