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Careers at Job Path

In 1981, Job Path was the first to establish employment services for people with disabilities in the Western New York region. Job Path is a recognized leader in providing innovative employment services and is Monroe County’s largest supported employment agency. Job Path has worked with hundreds of businesses throughout Rochester and the surrounding area to create employment connections.

What to Expect

You should expect a qualified, pre-screened candidate. Along with that, an Employment Specialist will be assigned to the candidate that is able to support them on and off the job, as well as provide support to you, the employer. All services provided by our Employment Specialists are individualized and levels of support provided vary based on the needs of the candidate. You should expect regular communication from the assigned Employment Specialist to ensure that everyone is on the same page in regards to supports/ accommodations needed.

As employees of Job Path, Employment Specialists are insured, paid, and overseen by us. You hire the candidate, and we provide the Employment Specialist! There is no responsibility from you, the employer, for the Employment Specialist. A Certificate of Liability can be provided upon request.

What is Job Coaching?

Job Coaching is a support provided to your new employee to ensure they have the tools needed to quickly learn the job and jump right in to help your business succeed. An Employment Specialist (also called a Job Coach) will support the person in a wide variety of ways:

  • Offering assistance during an interview and new-hire process
  • Attending orientation or initial training shifts
  • Creating task lists or visual aids to help the person meet (or exceed!) your expectations
  • Providing additional training or re-training as needed
  • Working alongside the person to ensure understanding and completion of expected tasks
  • Consistent communication with the supervisor to evaluate areas for improvement and work together to create a successful relationship between the employer and employee


Some of our partnerships include:

At Job Path, we strive to understand your business.  Our candidate base spans a multitude of markets and industries:
  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Elder Care
  • Environmental Services
  • Customer Service
  • Information Technology
  • Security
  • Phlebotomy
  • Human Services
  • Clerical
  • Food Service
  • Home Health
  • Manufacturing
  • Child Care
  • Hospitality
  • Health Care


CBWA (Community Workplace Assessment)
  • A short-term learning experience (usually 16-20 hours over 1 week)
  • Accompanied 100% of the time by an on-site Job Coach
  • You provide realistic work tasks; the coach can help with training and direction
CWE (Community Work Experience)
  • A part-time intern for up to 160 hours (usually over 2-3 months)
  • Interns work independently, with an assigned Employment Specialist
  • The intern is paid by the Job Path payroll, so they are committed and dedicated to the internship
ETP (Employment Training Program)
  • An intern-to-hire program - reduce your recruitment and hiring cost!
  • After an intensive 3-month pre-screening process, an intern is matched with an employer that suits their interests and abilities
  • You take on an intern at no cost and train them with the support of professional Employment Specialists
  • The intern is paid by New York State
  • Once they are trained and meeting the expectations of the position (usually after 3-6 months), you bring the intern onto your payroll as an employee
  • Coaching supports remain in place as needed once the intern is hired as your employee

Info that applies to all internships:
All paperwork for internship programs is completed by Job Path behind the scenes; there is not a large paperwork commitment for you!

Adult Project SEARCH®

The Arc of Monroe offers several Employment Readiness Services that provide various hands-on educational opportunities to prepare people with I/DD for competitive/community employment. Adult Project SEARCH® is a business-led internship service that teaches participants relevant, marketable employment skills while immersing them in a community business environment.

Learn More About APS


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Job Path supports our candidates and your business by linking both parties for competitive employment opportunities.  We work with a wide variety of employment industries to link candidates to right fit positions that best matches their interests and skills.  Once hired by a community business partner, both the candidate and Employment Specialist work with the employer to ensure effective training and on-the-job coaching. We are always looking for businesses to partner with us for new opportunities. Whether one person or several people are hired; we are here to support your diverse workforce.


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High Quality, Long Term Employees

Job Path is a no-cost employment service to candidates and businesses. Each candidate is pre-screened and job ready to become your high quality employee.  Our Job Path team is intensively trained to provide job coaching and ongoing services such as skill development and additional training to support your employee with meeting job expectations and retaining employment. Historically, candidates supported through Job Path have an average length of employment of 7 years, even in typically high turnover positions.

Tax Incentives

Businesses that employ people who currently receive vocational rehabilitation services, such as Job Path employment services, may earn tax credits (WOTC, WETC, WDTC) and wage reimbursements through ACCES-VR. Click here for details on tax & wage incentives.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit
(WOTC) may offers employers up to $2,400 in federal tax savings for hiring qualified individuals with barriers to employment. In the 1st first year of work, qualified individuals must work for at least 120 hours for a partial credit of $1,500, and over 400 hours for the full $2,400 credit. Required IRS Paperwork must be submitted by due date.

Workers Employment Tax Credit (WETC)
Businesses that employ people who receive Job Path services, may earn $2,100 more in state tax credits. You get the credit during the second year of employment and can combine it with the WOTC credit.  Required Paperwork: No additional application IF combined with WOTC. WETC application available if needed.

Workers with Disabilities Tax Credit (WDTC)
Eligible businesses that hire individuals may earn up to $5,000 for full-time employment (30+ hours per week), and up to $2,500 for part-time employment.  If the amount of the credit exceeds the entity’s tax liability, then the credit may be carried over for the following 3 years. Note: Stand-alone tax credit

ACCES-VR Wage Reimbursement Programs
Work Try-Out (WTO)- An approved Employer may be eligible for reimbursement of 100% of gross wages for up to 480 hours of work with an ACCES-VR approved WTO agreement. 


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"It's always nice to have a diverse group of people working for you and what we find is by having people from all different walks of life we really mesh together. It's really nice to have that balance when somebody might not be having a great day. To see a friendly face and be able to brighten things up. Brad does that."

Dominic DeMaria, Executive Chef, Wegmans Food Markets

"We feel really good about it, excited about it. It [the internship program at Crickler] has given us a really good base of employees that we're able to pull from, kind of get a test drive of people and what their work capabilities are what they're going to be able to do for us on the line. It's really been positive for the people as well to be able to work alongside people with different capabilities and different abilities. We've hired five people from the program, and they are really great, motivated employees."

Mark Houseknecht, VP Operations, Crickler Vending Company


"We love having Job Path participants help out in our church office! It's always a pleasure hosting Community Based Workplace Assessments and learning about the participants' gifts and talents. I love having the opportunity to learn about each of them as individuals, and utilizing their skills. Quite often, the participants walk away having learned something new. We've had great experiences over the past 2 years, and love working with Rebecca and all of the job coaches. We look forward to continuing to support this program in the years to come."

Deb Bullock-Smith, Office Manager, Asbury First Methodist


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Job Path is a supported employment agency, a division of The Arc of Monroe, located on Alexander Street in Rochester NY in Monroe County. We specialize in finding jobs for people of various abilities with businesses throughout Monroe County.

Careers at Job Path