A career in nursing at The Arc of Monroe provides a great opportunity to work with people on a one-on-one basis in a long-term setting. Make a difference in peoples' lives and leave your day with a sense of fulfillment. Sign-On Bonuses for RN and LPN positions!
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“I find this job very rewarding because I have the ability to develop one on one relationships with the people I support, their families, their peers, their programs, their doctors. As a nurse in a hospital setting, you only get to see someone two or three days at most, and you never see them again. Here, you get to see them every day. I enjoy working with people with intellectual or developmental disabilities...they are open and honest... I love seeing their smiling faces, and they look forward to seeing you and telling you all about their day. If you would like to talk to me about a career as an RN at the Arc of Monroe, please call me at (585) 363-4564 or email me at
- Laurie Brown, RN, The Arc of Monroe

"I have been a Residential RN, a Director of Nursing, a QI Nursing Coordinator and a Nurse Educator in the field of nursing for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities for 41 years. If you would like to talk to me about how rewarding and professionally exciting it is to be a part of a field that allows you to research, publish and teach and to go home every day knowing you did something good while allowing you flexibility in your life, please call me personally to talk about nursing careers at the Arc of Monroe at (585) 271-0660 ext 2595 or email me at

-Shelley VanLare, RN, The Arc of Monroe